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Resort Member Pull List

Pulling continued today as we pulled many larger 18 and 20′ houses.   Pulled today were houses 147, 188, 118, 79, 195, 228, 206, 170,

Red Door Member Pull Schedule

Due to the hard work of our ice team, we managed to get a number of houses out today.  The houses pulled so far are:

Ice & Fishing Report

Our whole team was on the ice today plowing, checking ice depths, staking roads etc.   Our road system now has 12-14″ of ice.  

Ice Report

Our ice team headed out in the frigid weather yesterday and found ice from 11-14″ of good ice.   The extreme cold has created a

Ice & Fishing Report

Captain Paul and I ventured out today and checked ice at the Weimer, Bombeck, east side of the Resort and Pantry flat and found a

Ice & Fishing Report

ATV/Snowmobile’s welcome. (No sideXside’s/UTV’s yet).  Checked ice in numerous areas and found a consistent 7-8″ of ice.   We worked half way out to the

Ice & Fishing Report

Ice Report Ice is 6″-7″ thick out to the first break. WARNING: Bad ice at the pressure ridge on the first break, don’t go past

Ice Report

Walk-on ice access to the first break is now open! Come on out and join us, and please be careful out there. Let us know

Ice Report

The ice is forming out front of the resort but was completely open just a day ago.   We will check the ice this coming


Check out this HUGE MILLE LACS MUSKIE!! 54″ X 26 1/2″ We had the pleasure of having Steve Obert and friends stay with us at

MLFAC and Hard Water Season Update

Discussion at the MLFAC Advisory/DNR meeting last night was informative.   The DNR stated that Mille Lacs is on the cusp of recovered as poundage,

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