Explore the Beauty of Fishing, and Lake Mille Lacs, with Captain John Wersal

“My name is John, and I have a problem.” While some people collect stamps or accumulate antiques, Captain John Wersal, the preferred fishing guide at The Red Door Resort, is a fishing enthusiast with a boat (and shed…and maybe basement?) full of lures, gear technology, bobbers, and more. And he sports his angler aficionado prowess with pride.

John grew up on Lake Mille Lacs and after college, he began his career as a police officer. He’s always fished for pleasure, relaxation, and a mental health break, but after retiring from the force he turned his passion into a profession in the hopes of instilling in others some of the joy he feels in every cast and catch. “When I was a kid I’d ride my pedal bike to the lake with my tackle box on one handlebar and fishing pole on the other. I loved to find lures that other people left behind.” Now John says, when he sees a group of kids casting their lines from the shore, he’s thrilled to pay it forward and share a few of his treasures with the budding fishermen. “I don’t ever want fishing to go away. I want it to continue to be bountiful and I want people to be successful in it for years to come.”

With Captain John as your guide, the first thing you’ll notice, even before the gentle lake breeze brushes your face, is the joy emanating from him. “I just want people to have fun!” At your scheduled meet time, you’ll find John at the dock in a boat brimming with all of the essentials, equipment, and excitement required for a glorious day on Lake Mille Lacs. All you need is a fishing license and space freed in your mind for the core memories you’re about to make.

Once you’ve booked your trip, John will be in touch to find out the type of adventure you’re looking to embark upon. Have you never stepped your flip-flops on a boat? John’s got you. Are you a seasoned fisherman and want to spend time with a fellow fanatic? John’s your guy.  Do you want him to hop in your boat, show you how to use your new piece of equipment, and then head out in his boat, for a day of fishing fun? John’s all in. Or are you simply interested in an exciting day on the water catching lots and lots of fish? John says, game on. “Lake Mille Lacs has so much to offer.” – tons of Walleye, Northerns, and Muskies among other charms.

To book with John, you can call the resort, 218-678-3686, or send in an email inquiry to details@thereddoorresort.com. From there your outdoor voyage begins. He believes in the idiom, ‘the early bird gets the worm’ so he suggests beginning your trip at 7:00 am. “The kids might scoff at getting up so early but once they start reeling them in, they’ll be smiling and laughing.” John is the sun-kissed version of a horse whisperer and knows the lake, and the mood of the fish, like the back of his hand, so when planning your itinerary at The Red Door Resort, a guided trip is a must to gain the full Northern Minnesota experience. 

After a day on the lake with this fishing buff, you’re guaranteed to walk away with new knowledge, stories to tell, and a boatload of fun. You’ll also walk away with more memorable moments than you can count. Maybe close to, but let’s be honest, not quite as many lures you’ll find in John’s garage. 

Are you excited to hear more about Captain John and all you can learn from him? How about a few stories from those who have spent a day on the water with Captain John as their guide? To be continued… 

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