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Northside of Lake Mille Lacs!

The Red Door Resort and its sister properties, Doc’s Harbor RV Park and the Wealthwood RV Resort, provide a combination of RV and fish house seasonal lot rentals. Lots are in high demand and typically rent quickly. When you rent a seasonal site at one of the resorts you become a Member and join a great community of individuals on the north side of Mille Lacs.

As a Member you also have access to all of your resort’s amenities, which at the Red Door include year-round heated shower houses, high speed wireless internet, a swimming beach, playgrounds, and a gaga ball pit. Red Door Membership also includes unlimited boat launching through the protected harbor and access to winter ice roads. Members enjoy annual member’s only events – including an open water fishing tournament, bean bag tournament and member appreciation dinner – and are also prioritized for seasonal harbor slips.

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Doc’s Harbor RV

Lakeside RV Sites

Doc’s Harbor RV has 32 full hookup RV lots and 26 harbor slips. Many of the RV sites are right on Mille Lacs Lake and all of the sites are within 250′ of the water. The park is open from May 1st to September 30th each year. Unlimited boat launching is included with an RV lot and seasonal slips can be added. Each lot has access to:
  • 30 amp electrical
  • Water and sewer
  • Wireless internet (coming soon)
  • Showerhouses
  • Community Lodge
Annual lot leases run from October 1st to the following September 30th. Sites lease for $3,500 per year plus electrical.
The Red Door Resort 7 Full Hookup RV Site

The Red Door

Lakeside RV Sites

The Red Door has 7 full hookup RV lots nestled alongside the resort’s 11 cabins and 11 motel units. The sites are a short walk to the swimming beach, playground, and other resort amenities.

Each lot has access to:

  • Wireless internet
  • 50 amp electrical
  • Water and sewer

Annual lot leases run from October 1st to the following September 30th, and start at $2,700 per year plus electrical

The Red Door

Fish House Parks

The Red Door currently has three parks that offer over 200 electric only fish house lots for your wheelhouse or skid house.  Lots are located on the northside of State Highway 18.  Annual lot leases run from April 1st to the following March 31st and start at $1,895 per year.  Skid house members pay an additional $250 pull premium to have their house pulled out onto Mille Lacs during the winter.

Please see the maps below for a visual of the sites.


The Wheelhouse Park is permitted for 49 lots and, as the name suggests, only wheelhouses are allowed on these lots.  Each lot has access wireless internet and 30 amp electrical service and is a quick walk to the shower house and adjacent playground.

West Park

West Park is permitted for 86 lots and can accommodate wheelhouses or skid houses.   Each lot has access wireless internet.  The park is built in into a pine grove and shares a shower house and playground with the Wheelhouse Park.

East Park

East Park has 93 sites and can accommodate wheelhouses or skid houses.  The park is the closest to the main resort and has its own shower house and playground.  Each lot has access wireless internet.

Winter Only Option

Do you have a skid house that you’d like on Mille Lacs but only plan to use during the winter?  If so, the Red Door also offers year round seasonal storage. 

Pricing starts at $850 for the year.

For additional information on

the Red Door’s fish house parks

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Wealthwood RV

Wealthwood RV offers 96 full hookup RV sites. Each lot has access to 50 amp electrical, water and sewer.  Annual lot leases run from October 1st to the following September 30th and start at $1,950 per year plus electrical.  Please visit the Wealthwood RV website for more information.

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