Rent a Fish House

Staying on the ice isn’t the simple experience it used to be.  All of The Red Door Resort’s fish house rentals come with warm heaters, RV stoves with ovens, basic cooking utensils, rattle reels, catch covers and either on-board bathrooms or access to conveniently located porta-potties.  Generators – along with extra premium fuel – are supplied for each wheelhouse and each skid house at least 10’x20′ in size.

We are also in the process of adding flat screen TVs, DVD players and retro game consoles to the fish house rentals.   Our larger rentals are also equipped with access to WiFi. 


Please click the link below to see all the available fish house rentals, including pricing.
Minnesota ice fishing


Mille Lacs Ice Report


Access Mille Lacs Ice Roads
The Red Ice Team works tirelessly to plow and maintain miles of wide ice highways on the north side of Mille Lacs Lake.  The road system covers both the sand breaks and a number of mud flats (see map examples below). 
The Ice Roads are accessible to Red Door members (i.e., those with seasonal sites at the resort), and season pass holders.  A limited number of weekend wheelhouse passes are also available; please call the office (218-678-3686) to reserve.  Single day vehicle-only (i.e., no wheelhouse) drive outs are not limited and no reservation is required.
Access to ice fishing - ice roads
Pass TypeVehicle  |   Vehicle w/ Wheelhouse
Season Pass$250 | $500 or $625
Ice Roads (Weekend)**$50 | $100
Ice Road (Weekday)$20 | $30
Early Ice Access$20 | n/a

“Note that all seasonal passes and multi-day wheelhouse passes entitle the holder to one custom plowed spot – along existing ice roads – per week / weekend.” 
**Weekend wheelhouse passes are by reservation only.

Store your Wheelhouse or Skid House

at the Red Door

The Red Door Resort offers seasonal lot rentals or storage for your wheelhouse or skid house. When you rent a seasonal site or a place for your house in storage you become a Member and join a great community of individuals on the north side of Mille Lacs.  Please check out our Seasonal Sites for more information.

Lake Mille Lacs
Ice Roads Map
The Red Door Resort ice highways generally cover the sand breaks close to the north shore as well as the mud flats (e.g., Weimer, Bomback, Pantry, Resort, Matton, Purity, Phil’s, Fishhouse, Eileen’s, Fletcher, Bitcher, Backer and 8 Mile) that are located starting 3/4 miles out from shore.  Established roads usually start with access to the first and second breaks and the close in flats and gradually expand further out as the hard water season continues.
Maps of the 2021-2022 and 2020-2021 road systems are pictured below.  Please note that these maps are indicative of and do not necessarily represent the current established roads.  For the most accurate information, please visit our blog and click on Mille Lacs Ice Report for the latest map and ice conditions.
2020-2021 Ice Road Map
2021-2022 Ice Road Map

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