Turn Your Icehouse Into Your Cabin

We’re only slightly exaggerating when we suggest that there are just three types of Minnesotans:
  1. Anglers who love ice fishing so much they have their own portable icehouse.
  2. Anglers who love open water fishing so much they have their own summer lake cabin.
  3. Anglers who love year-round fishing so much they have both.
If you happen to fall into category #3, good for you, ya lucky bastards
If you’re in category #2, hopefully you’re coming to The Red Door Resort every winter and renting one of our ice shacks (some of the best on the lake). If you’re not, you’re missing out on our Lake Mille Lacs north shore resort, where our proximity to the famed mudflats make us home to some of Minnesota’s very best ice fishing.
Today’s blog post is really all about those of you in category #1. You own your own portable icehouse, meaning you need transportation to haul it around during the winter AND a place to park it the other eight months out of the year. Well, we’ve got really good news: at The Red Door Resort, you’ve found an open water season home for your icehouse AND catapulted yourself into that coveted category #3!

Wait, my ice fishing house can double as a lake cabin?

Yes! The Red Door Resort lets you enjoy everything a traditional Minnesota lake vacation has to offer by giving you the ability to use your ice fishing house all year round. In fact, we have three different fish house parks on our property, each with its own year-round HEATED shower house, play area for the kiddos, and hi-speed wifi! Oh, and every site has its own electrical hookup.
If you’re coming up to Mille Lacs during open water season, there’s a real good chance you’re bringing a boat. So naturally, when you’re renting a spot in one of our fish house parks, you also get a year-round harbor pass – meaning you can use our beautifully maintained ramp whenever you like. That’s right, you’ve got a lake “cabin” PLUS unfettered access to what is undeniably Minnesota’s very best lake (Lake Superior apologists notwithstanding).

Wait, can just anyone rent one of these fish house park sites?

Well, yes and no
From a yes perspective, all our sites are rented on an annual basis (April 1-March 31) and are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. So by all means, yes, they are available to anyone with a portable skid house (two parks) or wheelhouse (one park).
From a no perspective, here’s the thing: we don’t have much turnover. Once an icehouse owner finds us and realizes all the advantages and conveniences of using their shack as a summer cabin on Lake Mille Lacs, they don’t often leave. Having said that, we do actually have a few spots open right now. But… no gimmicks or hard sells here, these will not last.

Wait, so if I hurry, I can grab my site right now?

Yes, but you said it yourself: hurry! These sites are coveted. Lake Mille Lacs is just two hours from the Twin Cities, it’s the largest lake in Minnesota this side of Superior, and the lake is famous for its walleye, bass, panfish, tullibee, northern, and more. Nevermind the plethora of family activities, the proximity to Wealthwood State Forest and its incredible hiking and fall foliage, and the nearby ATV and snowmobiling trails that weave and wind for literally hundreds of miles.

Wait, so what exactly am I waiting for?

Umm, not sure we can answer that. We’re just here to inform. It’s up to you to take action. We’ll just leave you with this:
We have more than 200 icehouse sites at The Red Door Resort yet have just a handful of openings each year. And what does it mean when the turnover rate of anything hovers around 1%?
Well, it means that somebody (us) somewhere (The Red Door Resort) is doing something right! And we’d like you to be a part of it.



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