Ultimate Guide: Organizing a Large Group at a Minnesota Resort

Relaxing, intimate vacations with your family of four (or three or five, we’re talking nuclear family here) get so much attention. “I can’t wait to have some alone time, just the four of us,” or “We can’t wait to have a peaceful getaway,” or “What we need is some time away from the hustle and bustle.” BORING.

Don’t get us wrong, all of this is nice, it really is. “Quiet”, “relaxing”, “bonding time”, “unplugged” … but now that the seasons are officially changing, and we feel comfortable tucking away the lurking dread of an impending snowstorm until next year (fingers crossed), it’s time to expand some horizons. Get up and stretch those trip-planning muscles and dream up something big. The kids are in school, and your summer break still feels like it’s years away, so get a notebook and pen because it just feels right to plan something amazing, dynamic, sort of awesome, right? Sure, you could search, “Minnesota Cabin Rental for Large Groups” but what fun is that? We’re breaking it down for you here because a) we like to be helpful, b) no matter who you’re bringing along, a cabin vacation is always a hit, and c) it’s been a weird winter in Minnesota so let’s shake things up.

At the top of the first page of your notebook write, “Who.” Here’s where you’re going to brainstorm about all the fun groups of people in your life. Is your immediate family enormous? Are you a grandparent with the world’s best grandkids? Do you consider your in-laws a bonus round family who you can’t imagine living without? Is there a Marcia and a Peter in your Brady Bunch situation? Are your parents divorced and remarried but make life easy because everyone gets along?

What about extended family? I bet it’s about time for that family reunion (if you can’t remember how many years it’s been, it’s been too long!) Aunt June’s brother’s daughter will be thrilled to hear from you, and maybe she can help you get a headcount and plan food. Here’s when you could search for “Minnesota family reunion resort” but no need, just keep on reading!

And don’t discount the family you spend at least 40 hours a week with, your work family. Everyone has a work husband or wife and a whole gaggle of work kids who must be fun to spend time with, otherwise, why are you still working there? Imagine a fun weekend away playing games, unwinding, and doing anything but working.

Oh, and if you have teenagers, their friends’ families are now your friends, didn’t you know? Put them on the list as a big group of travel buddies-to-be. And last but certainly not least, your college family. With sorority sisters or fraternity brothers, there’s little doubt that a ton of fun will be had.

Congratulations! You already have the makings of an amazing Minnesota family vacation! Title your next notebook page, “What.” First ask yourself, what kind of experience are you hoping for on this trip? What are the ages in your group? Then:

·    Create a budget and stick to it. You don’t want to outprice anyone, so once you have your roster of fun determined, ask everyone up front what they’re willing to pay. How will you divvy out expenses like food and drinks?

·    Consider everyone’s interests. Do you have hikers in the group or will most want to sit around the fire laughing and catching up? Will everyone want to do a little day-tripping to small-town Minnesota? Are you making meals at your motel family suite, or would you rather have someone else feed you?

·    If kids are coming, how busy do you want the schedule? Think about what activities you want to pencil in in advance and leave the rest up to the unknown.

·    Find a place that offers a little bit of everything (see below).

·    Enjoy the anticipation of a great time with great people.

Next on your adventure organizer is “Where,” and this one is a no-brainer. At the top of everyone’s “Large cabin rentals MN” list should be The Red Door Resort. “Why?” (see what we did there?) because they have everything you need and want for a big party… er… vacation. Let’s break it down:

7 things to know about Minnesota cabin rentals for large groups at The Red Door Resort:

 1. Lodging options are aplenty at The Red Door Resort. The Motel Family Suite sleeps up to 13, The Stone House sleeps up to 7, and there are also spacious cabin and motel room options.

2. The amenities offered here are clean and convenient which in turn makes for a comfortable and hassle-free vacation.

3. If you and Aunt June’s brother’s daughter are ready to plan that family reunion, the grounds at The Red Door Resort are top-notch. As the weather warms, you have the beautiful Lake Mille Lacs as your playground. Swimming, fishing, or just vegging by the water. For kids, and those youthful in spirit, there are basketball courts, cornhole, and a Gaga ball pit to burn off some of that potluck food you’ll be eating.

4. Did the weatherman get it wrong again? No worries! You and your group are always welcome in the café for puzzles, board games, and some yummy eats. And all lodging options have WiFi with Dish Network!

5. The chill-seekers in your group will be happy with the ambiance The Red Door Resort’s warm and inviting fire pits create with scenic Lake Mille Lacs as their backdrop. There are also picnic tables for quiet outside eating and socializing.

6. Reviews for large group gatherings at The Red Door boast phrases like, “awesome family reunion!”, “The accommodations, pricing, and owners couldn’t be better!”, “No better escape to the lake!” and, “The best resort in Minnesota for family reunions!” Really, what else do you need to know?

7. They say that it’s not about the place, but the company you keep that matters. We respectfully disagree. Our belief is a memorable experience is a combination of the two, a group of uplifting individuals and a location where everyone feels welcome, comfortable, and ready to have some fun. That’s our story, and we’re sticking to it.



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