A Story of Transformation: An Interview with Owner, Brian Linne about the Ongoing Makeover of The Red Door Resort

When you visit The Red Door Resort it’s hard to think about anything other than the beauty that surrounds you. Nestled in a prized location on the north side of Lake Mille Lacs, it’s hard not to be in the moment. Yes, there are plenty of opportunities to stay busy, work with a fishing guide, or rent an Ice Castle for a weekend of excitement, but man, there’s just something in the air up here. This mood, or vibe some might call it, hasn’t just magically appeared. There’s an amazing team of hard-working individuals whose job it is to make sure everything is ‘just so’ so that you can be in the moment… and stay there. They keep it clean and maintained, they offer welcoming and courteous customer service, and they make sure all the personal touches that make The Red Door Resort so special are attended to. Since 2019 Brian Linne has led The Red Door Resort’s journey to become a premier open water and ice fishing destination for avid anglers and outdoor enthusiasts and for the past couple of years, he and his team have directed their laser-sharp focus to enhance the experience at this family-favorite respite.Together, this dynamic group has created the ultimate in ‘resorting’, and just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, you just wait. Exciting things are happening at The Red Door Resort, and we can’t wait to share! 

What are some of the changes you’ve made at The Red Door Resort this year?

This year, we renovated the motel lodging at the resort. We repainted the rooms, installed new plank flooring, and added new beds and lighting fixtures. The major building mechanicals like plumbing and electrical, were also upgraded. 

In the cabins, we replaced the refrigerators, stoves, and microwaves in the second half of the cabins (the first half received new appliances in 2022).  We’re also in the home stretch of completing a 43-lot full hook-up of seasonal RV sites at the resort as well. 

What inspired the decision to make these changes?

Since acquiring the resort four years ago, the goal has been and continues to be to make consistent upgrades to the property and guest experience.  The motel renovation was the next project on a long list of completed and planned upgrades.  The RV Park addition makes room for more families to vacation at the resort.

How do these updates align with The Red Door’s overall vision and goals?

The goal is to have The Red Door Resort be the go-to place for families and anglers alike.  I believe the resort has the nicest cabins on the lake and wonderful accommodations overall.  

How will they enhance the guests’ experience? 

A clean, comfortable stay lays the groundwork for a great stay on Mille Lacs.  As we move forward, we are also planning to continue to add amenities at the resort.  The current longer-term plans call for an outdoor pool, and a building with an indoor hot tub, sauna, and workout fitness area. We’re hoping that this project will become a reality over the next few years. 

What other plans are in the works?

Starting next year, we are going to start upgrading the cabin furniture, flooring, and TVs. In 2024, we also plan to realign our East Park to have 77 larger seasonal lots, each with access to 100-amp electrical service along with water and sewer connections.

If you haven’t met Brian or heard his story, we’re honored to finally make the introduction. Brian grew up in Duluth and attended St. Olaf College where he majored in math and economics. He began his career in management consulting before he discovered his real passion, real estate. Prior to striking out on his own and purchasing The Red Door Resort in December 2019, Brian spent almost ten years focusing on acquisitions and management while working for a small real estate company. Along with The Red Door Resort, Brian is also a partner in three other Lake Mille Lacs properties: Wealthwood RV Resort, Doc’s Harbor RV Mille Lacs, and Twilight Cove. He also serves as the President of the Mille Lacs Area Tourism Council and President of the Affiliated Building Committee for the International Spanish Language Academy, a K-5 Spanish immersion charter school in Edina. When he’s not thinking about or working on deals, Brian enjoys spending time with his family, watching or coaching sporting events for his children, working out, and reading.

Merriam-Webster’s definition of revitalize is “to give new life or vigor to”. And evolve; “the process of change in a certain direction.” If you’ve been lucky enough to experience all this newness firsthand, we think you’ll agree that Brian isn’t upgrading so much, rather, he’s revitalizing and evolving The Red Door Resort. Not only are these changes the cherry on top of the already delicious sundae, taking this northern Minnesota oasis in a positive direction to elevate the moments spent there, big or small, but honestly who doesn’t want to use new appliances to feed the family on vacation or snuggle up for a restful night’s sleep in a fresh new bed after a day of fun in the sun? 

And while the idea of an outdoor pool within walking distance of your cute and charming Minnesota cabin feels pretty luxurious, the care behind these changes is really the main event.  You just can’t beat a beautiful getaway, summer or winter, with awe-inspiring views, energy around every corner, and the promise of some of your best memories made. But knowing that behind it all are people who cherish it as much as you do, so much so that they want every day to be even better than the day before if that’s even possible? Well, that might even be better than a dip in the hot tub.



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