Ice Fishing

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Ice access is open to pickup trucks with tandem axle wheel houses.  View Ice & Fishing Reports…

Join our 2nd Annual Fishing for a Cause tournament January 20th 2018, view more information…

New for this season – Portable Ice Shelter Rentals – book with a cabin or room and save!

The Red Door Resort is very close to the exceptional ice fishing on the flats of the north end of Mille Lacs Lake.

Below you’ll find more information on all of our ice fishing accommodations:

Ice Access

Daily Vehicle Resort Parking (walk-on access) $10
Daily Vehicle Only Access $10
Daily Vehicle w/Wheelhouse Access $15
Weekend Vehicle Access $25
Weekend Vehicle w/Wheelhouse Access $35
Season Vehicle Only $150
Season Vehicle w/Wheelhouse $150
*Vehicle is any motorized vehicle
*Weekend is Friday, Saturday and Sunday

We maintain wide plowed roads from the resort to the soft bottom breaks just off shore, and to the flats of: Bombeck; Pantry; Resort; and Weimer.

Ice Road

Fish House Rentals

You can rent one of our well kept fish houses with numerous options. Each house has bunks, is carpeted and has thermostat regulated heat. Some come with cooking stoves, tables and chairs.

House # Size Sleeps Weekday Rate Weekend Rate Weekend Package
1 10×16 deluxe 4 hole 2-3 $175/24 hrs $250 Friday 5pm to
Noon Sunday
generator adaptable
2,3,4,5 8×16 basic 8 hole 4 $200/24 hrs $300 Friday 5pm to
Noon Sunday
6,7,8,9 10×16 deluxe 8 hole 4 $125/24 hrs $200/24 hrs $350 Friday 5pm to
Noon Sunday
10 10×16 deluxe 8 hole 4 $125/24 hrs $225/24 hrs $350 Friday 5pm to
Noon Sunday
generator adaptable
11,12 10×22 deluxe 10 hole 6 $175/24 hrs $325/24 hrs $450 Friday 5pm to
Noon Sunday
13 10×20 deluxe 10 hole 6 $175/24 hrs $325/24 hrs $450 Friday 5pm to
Noon Sunday
generator adaptable


Call 1-218-678-3686 or 1-866-444-2453 to book a fish house rental

Portable Ice Shelter Rentals

Eskimo Portable Ice Shelter

New for the 2017-18 season we have brand new Eskimo® insulated portable ice shelters for rent. Units are setup for you including heat, chairs, and 1 hole drilled per person plus 1 additional hole.

We’ll be accepting reservations for these portables soon after the ice is thick enough for ATVs and snowmobiles.

Medium Shelter

  • 1-4 People

Large Shelter

  • 5-8 People (5 person minimum)
Save $10 off the listed price when booked with one of our cabins or motel rooms!

Private Fish House Storage/Hauling

We can pull your private fish house on and off the ice, and keep it in our storage area for the remainder of the year.

Fish House Park Sites
8′ X 16′ $550
10′ X 16′ $575
10′ X 18′ $600
10′ X 20′ $625
10′ X 20’+ $650
12′ X 16′ $600
12′ X 18′ $625
12′ X 20′ $650
12′ X 20’+ $675

Also see Fish House Park for more information.

Storage without a package is $2 per day.

Additional Services

Blocking Fish House $50
Banking Fish House $50
Move Fish House $50
Towing Vehicles $60
Labor on Ice $50/hr
Light Stove ask
Drill Holes ask