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15 12/15/2017

12/15/17 Ice & Fishing Report

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ATV/Snowmobile’s welcome. (No sideXside’s/UTV’s yet).  Checked ice in numerous areas and found a consistent 7-8″ of ice.   We worked half way out to the Weimer and Bombeck flats and found thinner ice (6-6.5″) so we will wait another week to access the flats.  We highly recommend accessing the breaks only at this time and staying in the areas we have checked.   There is one pressure ridge out front which we have put an aluminum ramp across for foot traffic and ATV’s marked with orange cones; snowmobiles can cross beside it.  Each side of the pressure ridge can have thin ice so cross at our marked area.   Access/Parking pass is $10 per day per vehicle; stop in at the office or use the after-hours dropbox.   Use extreme caution this time of year; ice can be thinner in some areas unchecked; move slowly and carefully and use discernment to be safe.   A few pointers:

  • Do not park multiple ATV’s & Snowmobiles close to each other on the ice.
  • Do not travel alongside the pressure ridge as the ice is most dangerous there.
  • Stay within the recommended areas to remain safe.
  • Do not travel out onto the ice at night if you are not familiar with the area.
  • Cross only at our designated and marked bridge area.
  • Floatation gear is recommended for early ice.
  • Access at your own risk; think smart, be cautious, and stay safe.

Received some good reports off the first break transition from 16-21 fow.  Limit is 1 fish 20-22″ or 1 over 28″.  Cafe is only open for beverages and pizza this weekend and will fully open next weekend.   We look forward to seeing everyone soon.

13 12/13/2017

12/13/17 Ice & Fishing Report

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Ice Report

Ice is 6″-7″ thick out to the first break. WARNING: Bad ice at the pressure ridge on the first break, don’t go past the pressure ridge.

Fishing Report

Yesterday 4 fishermen caught 9 walleye all under 20″ in around 14 FOW.

Ice Fishing - Healthy Walleye Ice Fishing - Healthy Walleye

12 12/12/2017

12/12/17 Ice Report

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Walk-on ice access to the first break is now open! Come on out and join us, and please be careful out there.

Let us know how you do, and check back here for regular early ice fishing reports.

7 12/7/2017

12/7/17 Ice Report

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The ice is forming out front of the resort but was completely open just a day ago.   We will check the ice this coming weekend but believe it will not be ready for foot traffic yet.    We will follow up and report this coming Friday.   Stay tuned…..

13 11/13/2017

11/13/17 HUGE MUSKIE!!!

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Check out this HUGE MILLE LACS MUSKIE!! 54″ X 26 1/2″
We had the pleasure of having Steve Obert and friends stay with us at the Red Door. Steve returned from a successful trip up at LOW and came down for Muskie fishing on Mille Lacs. This fish was brought in by one of the Steve’s group who had never caught a Muskie before! Imagine the excitement in that boat. Awesome catch and thanks for sharing the picture. We look forward to seeing you again!
3 11/3/2017

11/3/17 MLFAC and Hard Water Season Update

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Discussion at the MLFAC Advisory/DNR meeting last night was informative.   The DNR stated that Mille Lacs is on the cusp of recovered as poundage, spawning stock and other variables have shown improvement.   There has also been an increase in small yellow perch which has improved the health of the younger year class walleye’s.  Winter regulations are tentative though we know we will get 1 fish.  Proposed regulations are 1 fish 20-22″ (with the possibility of a trophy over 28″) or possibly one over 26″.   We are confident that the bite will remain active and exciting this hard water season.  This was one of the few meetings I have attended that was positive with regards to recovery (though I am sure the newspapers will mislead everyone into believing that Mille Lacs is at “an all time low”).  We should have confirmation within the next 2 weeks of the decision for the winter.     It has been cold up here and we are already seeing ice on our harbor; it won’t be long until the winter ice season.    Stay tuned for more info…..

17 8/17/2017

8/8/17 Fishing, the Governor and Ice Fishing News

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With the walleye fishing back open and live bait allowed, many have come up to enjoy fishing.   The bite has slowed somewhat but good reports have been coming from the north flats.    Northern and Musky fishing has improved as water temp has dropped substantially with all the rain and we have had a number of guests catch some very large Musky and Northerns.    Bass bite has improved substantially and a number of bass have been caught all the way up to 24″!!!    Come on up and enjoy the last few weeks of summer.

Met with Governor Dayton and Commissioner Landwehr earlier this week in a small meeting to discuss challenges with the current regulations as well as the business challenges with last minute regulations and the problems it causes our guests.    I believe our discussion was well received and believe the Governor was open to our suggestions though he did share the challenges that the current management structure causes which trying to implement change.    I applaud both the Governor and Commissioner for staying true to their word and meeting with our small group and hope, in some way, that they both went home with a clearer view on our challenges.

Ice Fishing News:   With the increasing number of wheel houses enjoying fishing on the north end of Mille Lacs  (being the closest to the flats on Lake Mille Lacs) and the challenges with our current bridges, we invested in a new 12′ wide by 60′ long bridge for this coming season.   The bridge has been delivered to the resort with special thanks to Chez Guyer and it is ready for this coming hard water season!



24 7/24/2017

6/24/17 Fishing Report & Resort News

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Walleye will remain closed until August 11th when it will reopen until labor day.    Bass fishing reports have been good to the west of Knox point from 5 FOW -16 FOW.    Musky and Northern reports have been improving; large northerns have been caught to the east and west of the resort along the rock and weed areas.    A 54″ musky was caught and released this past weekend directly out front of the Red Door.

Resort News – In anticipation of this coming winter, and with the increase in the number of wheel houses accessing the flats out of our access, we have invested in a new 12′ X 60′ ice bridge which will be delivered in the next few weeks.   This will be a dramatic improvement over the bridges we have used in the past and make access much more consistent and reliable.


30 6/30/2017

6/30/17 Fishing Report

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The bite on the north end is amazing.   Bassmaster magazine just ranked Mille Lacs #1 in the Nation! Multiple walleye and huge bass are being caught in large numbers.   Water temp remains cool in the low seventies and successful reports keep coming in from as shallow as 4 feet to 16 feet off the first break as well as great reports from numerous flats.  The bass bite has really turned on and we are also seeing some huge walleye up to 32″!!   We have heard from numerous guests that it is the best fishing that they have ever experienced in their lives!    We look forward to a great Independence day weekend.   Enjoy and be safe.   The launch boat will be going out numerous times so call the office and get on the list today!

5 6/5/2017

6/5/17 Fishing Report

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WOW!!!  CHECK OUT THE HUGE FISH!!  Here are a number of pics from Tim who frequents the Red Door Resort on Lake Mille Lacs.   Fish like these are the reason we have visitors from all over the country.   Thanks for the spectacular pics Tim!  This weekend, we received a number of great reports for walleye, bass and northern along the first break and in the weeds and rocks to the west of the resort; sunset bite has been the most productive.   Walleye of all year classes are being caught and this season, many large fish are showing up to the excitement of the anglers.    Pics of trophy bass and walleye keep coming in to us and we greatly appreciate everyone who shares their great pics and memories with us!     #DoTheLake