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26 2/26/2018

Ice House Removal and Customer Appreciation Recap

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Below is a pic of the last house being pulled from the ice.  Easily the most challenging year we have ever had with multiple early ice cracks and many bridges; it is almost ironic that once the ice stabilized and the issues were behind us, the season comes to an end.  Thanks to all our members and patrons that were patient and understanding and to the many that gave us a helping hand, it is greatly appreciated!  Thanks to everyone that chose the Red Door for their winter adventures even though it was more of a challenging bite this year.  I want to thank all of you that unbanked and prepared for quick removal as the blizzard hit hard on Sunday.  Ice shacks are back on their lots safe and sound.  Access is now closed to vehicle traffic but will remain open to snowmobiles and ATV’s. Last but not least, I want to thank our ice team for the hard work and dedication throughout this challenging year; you all made it possible.

Customer appreciation was a blast.  Thanks to Steve Jacoby “One Man Rock Band” for rocking the house!  He was absolutely awesome and his talent is amazing.  Thanks to Steve Unzen for also sharing his great musical talent, entertaining us between and after hours as well.  Thanks to both Steve Wight and Steve Unzen for helping set-up, clean up and cooking all the pulled pork; you guys are awesome!  Thanks to Dick DeShaw, Joanne Bergren, Patty Mahowald, Elaine Bauer, Jodi Guyer, Jackie Schmidt, Sam Shaw, Matt Williams, and everyone else that brought food, treats, and helped out in many ways; we owe all of you huge!  We also want to thank those that operated the keg pump as that helped contribute to the evening substantially!  Thanks to all of you that came and joined the festivities; it is always enjoyable for Lynn and I to get the opportunity to spend some time with you all as share laughs and stories.  We have some exciting new things at the resort for this coming spring…..stay tuned and we look forward to seeing you all this coming spring.

19 2/19/2018

Fish House Pull List Update

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The season is coming to an end rapidly and we will celebrate next Saturday evening at our customer appreciation event which begins at 7pm in the big “red roofed” garage nearest the lake.   We look forward to seeing evening there!    We pulled a number of houses from the lake and will commence pulling all houses next Sunday so make sure they are unbanked, not stuck, and blocked high enough to pull.   Houses already pulled are 27, 90, 148, 197, 150, 128, 171, 117, 204, 135, 88, 99, 116, 147, 221, 161, 170, 245, 119, 140, 58, 212, 211, 126, 132, 219.    Let us know if you would like to be pulled off this week and we will get it done.

16 2/16/2018

Ice Report

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Our ice access is open to all vehicles and wheel houses. However, we had to put our heavy bridge with rails out yesterday which is 9′ wide so please use caution when crossing it to avoid hitting the rails with your wheel house.

10 2/10/2018

Customer Appreciate Event February 24th!!!

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Hard to believe that ice season ends in just two weeks!  Wow, how the season flies when your having fun!  To celebrate our members and patrons and show our appreciation, we are holding a customer appreciation event on the evening of Saturday February 24th in the big pole barn near the lake.   Live music, great food and amazing people (and beer) make for a perfect recipe for a memorable evening.  Beverages and food will begin at 7 pm, band starts at 8pm, dancing and festivities to follow.  Come on out and enjoy the exceptional community that makes the Red Door Resort such a special place.

On Sunday the 25th, we plan to pull until every house is off the lake.   Please have your houses blocked up, unbanked, and ready to pull.   We appreciate anyone looking to come off early as it reduces any late season/weather challenges and ensure’s safe placement back on your lot.  We are compiling a list and will start pulling houses off soon.

8 2/8/2018

Red Door Ice & Fishing Report

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Thursday Feb. 8 and our access is open to all vehicles and wheelhouses.   We have removed the majority of our bridges as our roads are now in great condition.   Bite seems to be picking up with the warming weather and should be a great weekend for fishing.  Jumbo perch and Tulibee have been common and many year classes of Walleye.  Glow Green and Glow pink or Swedish Pimple’s with Shiners on rattle reels seem to be providing the best results.   Our rentals continue to perform well on the deep side of the second break and mixed but positive reports are coming in from the north side.   We look forward to seeing everyone this weekend.


5 2/5/2018

Ice Report

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Our ice access is now fully open to all pickup trucks and wheel houses.

2 2/2/2018

Ice Report

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The hard work of our ice crew and a few days of colder weather have our ice road in good shape. We’re open once again to all pickup trucks and tandem axle wheel houses. However, our first bridge is restricted in width to 6.5′ (78″) wide wheel houses and trailers.

28 1/28/2018

Ice Report

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Our ice road access is open but limited to 1/2 ton trucks or smaller for now. No wheel houses, no diesel pickups, and no 3/4 ton or larger pickups can be allowed on or off the ice at this time. With the widely varying temperatures of late several pressure ridges and active cracks have formed close to shore. Thinner ice of about 11″ has been discovered in some areas near shore as well. Bridges are in place and detours have been plowed as needed.

Ice is naturally under constant change with temperature and new trouble spots can form at any moment so please use EXTREME CAUTION. Limit your speed to 5 mph within 1/2 mile of shore and near any bridges, and 10 mph elsewhere. Slower speeds don’t stress the ice as much and will help to prevent cracks. Please slow to a crawl while crossing the bridges – too much speed, acceleration, or braking on and off the bridges can cause them to move.

Thanks for you cooperation, be safe, and good luck fishing!


Below graphic is from the MN DNR, please click the image to read more on their web site.

16 1/16/2018

2nd Annual Fishing for a Cause Tournament and Ice/Fishing Report

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Beautiful weather and the 2nd Annual Fishing for a Cause Tournament is coming to the Red Door Resort this coming weekend.   We couldn’t have asked for better weather and this warmer weather should drastically improve the bite!   Come on out for the festivities this coming weekend; our access should be open to all vehicles and wheelhouses.   This past weekend hit us with very cold weather and barometric pressure that made fishing tough though some of our members and a number of our rentals did well and shared their pics/memories with us.  The second break continues to produce as well as the deep side of the flats.  Some huge northerns have been caught to the east and west of our access in the 6-10 fow and a number of jumbo perch, tullibee and pout’s are being caught.   Check out some of the huge walleye pics as well!   Come on out this weekend and join us for the tournament; great people, great prizes and a great cause!



12 1/12/2018

Ice Road & Fishing Report

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Road access is open to gas trucks and single axel wheelhouses.   The change from 40 degrees down to -20 in one day opened up more cracks which we are currently bridging.   In this extremely cold weather, ice becomes very brittle and can be dangerous; 5 MPH speed limit by our bridges and 10MPH on the main roads – Anyone driving faster will be asked to leave.    Our main roads are in good condition so I recommend staying on the road infrastructure which goes to the flats.   Off roading is risky as brittle ice can crack and open and there are pressure cracks that are hard to see so please stay close to our roads to insure your safety.   The bite has picked up somewhat but you still have to work for them as a significant yellow perch hatch is keeping the walleye well fed.   Dead sticking with a shiner or jigging with the head of a fathead with glow orange or green on small spoons produces the best results.   The breaks have been performing as well or better than the flats off the deep ends at 28-31 feet of water and fish of many year classes have been caught; all which look very healthy.   -20 temps over the weekend so stay warm and be safe.   Keep road traffic to a minimum early morning until our ice team checks roads for any new cracks at 6:30 am.   Have a great weekend and please share your fish pics!