Home Sweet Romance: Planning Your Romantic Getaway in Minnesota Indoors-Style

Winter doesn’t always evoke the warmest of feelings. If you’re a parent, you might be in the heart of your busiest season. Extracurriculars, homework help, and juggling like the most talented magician ever. All this bustling doesn’t leave a whole lot of time to think about, much less plan, a romantic getaway. If you’re not a parent or your kids have left the nest, you might be hunkering down at work or finally getting onto that long ‘honey-do’ list. Or maybe you’re simply feeling lackadaisical and a bit stuck in the gloom. Again, who has time to think about one more thing? *Insert eye roll*

Sometimes what we need most isn’t what we think we need most. Instead of that exotic vacation we’re convinced is the only way to recharge or the extravagant spa weekend that’s most definitely going to help you reconnect, why not give simple (and cozy) a go? Stop listening to that voice in your head. You know the one. The loud one that rudely and insistently yells that you need to do extra (plan! spend! run!) to come away feeling lighter. Well, listen to this… in our soft, non-demanding voice… We promise a romantic getaway in Minnesota will warm your spirits and strengthen your relationship more than any grand excursion ever will. We’re talking true connection, quality time spent together doing things that you both love, with Minnesota’s breathtaking winter beauty as your backdrop. Kind of warms your heart, doesn’t it? Told you!  

1. Your assignment before departing for your Minnesota romantic getaway is to each buy a few bottles of wine that you’ve never tried for a wine tasting for two! Bring ingredients for a charcuterie board to snack on while you sip and be sure to pack your favorite loungewear. Does your partner like sparkling rosé and you had no clue? Maybe now’s the right time to admit you don’t love the Pinot Grigio your guy always buys. Learn even more about each other, over some good (or not-so-good) wine and have a million laughs.  

2. One more assignment! Before you hit the road, purchase a conversation kit for you and your love. This one has 100 icebreakers to stimulate honest conversation, with topics you’d never think of, promising inside jokes for a lifetime. “Have you ever considered changing your first name,” or how about “What was the best part of your day so far?” You might be surprised by the answers. Yours and your partners! 

3. Who doesn’t love a little pampering? Foot cream, massage oil, and a few warm towels are all you need to treat each other to a (cabin) day at the spa. Unless you’re ticklish, then you might have to order a head and neck massage. Schedule this activity just before bed to unwind both of you, ensuring a restful night’s sleep at the charming Minnesota Resort you selected. 

4. The couple that cooks together, stays together… or something like that. Pick a new recipe and chop, mix, and sauté together. Yes, the eating part is always fun, but you might decide to add ‘cooking together’ to the top of your favorite date night idea list. Crack open a bottle of wine (one of the faves from your wine tasting, naturally) light a few candles, and Bon appétit!

5. Another Minnesota vacation idea, couple style, is craft hour. We know, we know, you may not be the most skilled artisan, but imagine how much laughing you’ll do as you paint the best (or worst) winter scene on canvas. Or make it easy and go old school with a box of crayons and a few coloring books. This date night kit also looks so fun and everything you need is conveniently included!   

6. So… no sitter, eh? The Red Door Resort has picturesque, convenient, and most importantly roomy 2 and 3-bedroom cabins so if you have to bring the whole family you can still squeeze in your date night plans. Set up a red and white checkered tablecloth a la summer leisure, and enjoy a winter picnic (complete with sandwiches, pasta salad, chips, veggies and dip, and a few sweet treats) by the warmth of the fireplace. When the kids are in bed, bring out the treats you were hiding for a charcuterie board of the dessert variety; dark chocolate, caramels, fruit, candied nuts, chocolate-covered strawberries, and mini cupcakes. Shhhh… don’t tell the kids. 

7. Back to the Grandma-is-babysitting-no-kid-Minnesota-romantic-getaway-scenario. This tabletop s’more maker is a must-bring! With DISH Network in all of our motels and cabins, you can turn to Netflix and crank up the Fireplace for Your Home Birchwood Edition and replicate the real thing as you make ooey-gooey summer-turned-winter treats. 

8. Is your partner a good sport? You’ll find out the hard, or easy way, with game night. Dive in with easy options like Go Fish, Connect Four, Battlefield, and Checkers, or hit the hard stuff, with a little more strategy needed, Codenames Duet, Fox and the Forest, Phase 10, or Mastermind. Game night is beneficial for so many reasons. A time to take a deep breath, participate in a little healthy competition, laugh together, and do something we haven’t hit on yet, make new traditions! 

9. And last but certainly not least, turn date night into date morning with breakfast in bed. Who doesn’t love a fun breakfast with all the trimmings? Wake up, brew some coffee, and get to work preparing breakfast for both of you to bring back to bed. What’s on the menu? Orange juice, pancakes, scrambled eggs, berries, and maybe a little yogurt with granola. Do you know how room service makes you feel fancy, special, and kind of like you’re in a movie? If you’re breakfasting at The Red Door Resort, the goodies you make are just the cherry on top of a rustic, idyllic movie experience that’s offered with every stay.

10. Just enjoy each other’s time. Sometimes the most intimate moments between a couple are when you just sit together and let the conversation flow. It’s about making time for each other, whether it’s sharing a meal or laughing about that hilarious Tik Tok video. And of course, a s’more or glass of wine doesn’t hurt either. 



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