Minnesota fishing

The Best Minnesota Fishing Trip for Couples

There’s nothing quite like finding something that both of you thoroughly enjoy doing together and enjoying it as a couple. If ice fishing is your favorite way to get out of the house and have fun together, Lake Mille Lacs has an incredible experience waiting for you at The Red Door Resort. Hit the ice and drop your lines for a fun fishing experience that is perfect for your next Minnesota fishing couples getaway!

Minnesota fishingIce Fishing Vacation for Two

For couples out there that live and breathe fishing, a Minnesota fishing adventure can be the perfect way to enjoy what you do while spending time with your favorite person. You get a chance to experience the great outdoors and will have the chance to pull in some trophy walleyes and northerns out of the water. Lake Mille Lacs is known for phenomenal fishing and is the perfect spot to reel them in all day and night. Challenge each other to who can pull in the biggest fish or who can catch the most fish each day. Ramp each other up and have fun as a team for a couple’s experience like never before.

Minnesota fishingMinnesota Fishing: A Fantastic Couples Experience

Not every couple is into the rose petals and candle lit dinners. If you and your honey are more of the outdoorsy type, a Minnesota fishing trip is absolutely perfect for getting outside together. Find yourself in a cozy cabin with just the right amount of wilderness and comfort, or spend the night on the ice for an ice castle fishing experience. Surrounded by forest and located on the shores of the beautiful Lake Mille Lacs, it’s the best way to get all the best aspects of winter in Minnesota in one place.

Minnesota fishingA Winter Wonderland Awaits

Whether you are just here for the fishing or to enjoy the Minnesota winter, there is no shortage of activities for you and your special someone. Traverse miles of snowy trails by foot, skis, or snowshoes, explore nearby state parks for breathtaking views, or you can go for a spin on snowmobiles for a fun and unique adventure. 

You can stay out on the ice in one of our ice castle fishing houses or in one of our luxirious skid houses and fish all night long. These lodging options are fantastic for the avid anglers that can’t get enough of reeling in catches. These are also perfect for stepping out onto the ice at night for a front row seat of the dazzling northern lights and star gazing. 

Another option for your stay is a cozy cabin on shore. Head out to the lake during the day, catch your limit, and return to your cabin to prepare a great dinner together. Stay cozy inside or sit by the campfire and toast a few marshmallows while listening to the crackling flames under the night sky. 

No matter what kind of accommodations you prefer, you are sure to enjoy every second on Lake Mille Lacs. When it comes to finding the perfect ice fishing resorts for your couple’s getaway, The Red Door Resort has it all. Spend time together doing something you love with a Minnesota fishing trip to a phenomenal lake and experience one of the best outdoor activities that the state of 10,000 lakes has to offer. 



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