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What else is there to do in Mille Lacs in the winter? Answer: A whole lot

Besides snowflakes on your tongue, there are a multitude of things you can catch in Minnesota during the winter. The common cold, the flu, and norovirus (ugh and ew) can grab on tightly this time of year. You can catch hockey, football, or basketball fever with weekend tournaments, fantasy drafts, and of course, the Super Bowl and you can also fall victim to the widely prevalent winter blues, also known as cold-weather doldrums, seasonal funk, chilly malaise, and many others. Just like rest is prescribed for uncomfortable congestion, ibuprofen helps immensely with the flu and hydration is important as you let norovirus run its course there are also interventions and remedies for glacial gloom. Don’t worry because Dr. Red Door Resort is here to prescribe some fun activities to get you out and about, circulate that blood, restore your energy, and allow the memories made to cure what ails you. Engage in two (or more!) of these revitalizing winter activities and call us in the morning.

1.)    A Minnesota Snowmobiling Adventure – If you have the need for speed, put snowmobiling on your ‘must-do’ list to keep you warm and joy-filled this winter. Bookmark this trail map and plan a brisk day of thrills and memory making along with a showing of the great Great Outdoors that is the Mille Lacs winter landscape. If you don’t own a sled, there are numerous places nearby to rent one so there’s no excuse not to step into your brightest, eye-catching snowsuit inspired by Lloyd Christmas (if you have the furry boots, wear ’em!) and let the frosty air fill your lungs as you release a few endorphins during this exciting winter activity. 

2.)    Snowshoeing and Cross-country Skiing for the Win! Strap on some cross-country skis or snowshoes and buckle up for an experience you’d likely see in a Hallmark movie. Mille Lacs Kathio State Park is where to be on a snow-filled day in northern Minnesota. For convenience, they have snowshoe and ski rentals right at their park office and they offer easy, moderate, and difficult groomed ski trails and snowshoe trails for adventurers of every level. Plus, you can bring your (leashed) dog along on any non-groomed trail! Work up a sweat, then head out to a fun restaurant for a bite and a drink *see below*.

3.)    Yum! Smokey Jake’s BBQ is where you’ll want to unzip your snowsuit if you have a BBQ lover in the group.  Satisfy your hunger with baby back ribs, brisket sandwich, or… wait for it… a bacon jalapeno popper grilled cheese! Or if you’re missing State Fair fare, head to The Deerstand for award-winning cheese curds served with marinara sauce or raspberry jalapeno jam or a Hamdinger sandwich with ham, fried egg, and American and Swiss hollandaise. Speaking of revving up your taste buds, get your day off to a stirring start with a stop at The Beanery Café & Roastery.  Warm coffee and sweet treats will have you prepared and ready for any winter wonders that come your way.

4.)    Ice Fishing Mille Lacs – It goes without saying that we’re passionate about ice fishing, we’re proud of the opportunities we offer, and we welcome you to The Red Door Resort for ice fishing anytime, for as long as the ice allows. Step right this way for, shall we say, a luxurious ice fishing experience in one of our ice castles. Rent a lot for your skid house or wheelhouse or rent one of ours! All our ice fishing rentals come complete with heaters, basic cooking necessities, and either on-board bathrooms or easy access to porta-potties. Our larger rentals have WiFi and we’re working on adding flat-screen TVs, DVD players, and retro gaming consoles. See? Ice fishing is for everyone! And speaking of the actual act of ice fishing, our team plows and maintains miles of ice highways on Lake Mille Lacs for your convenience. Take a peek at our webcams for up-to-the-minute weather and fishing conditions and action! 

5.)    Indoor Fun – For a little retail therapy, you never know what you’ll find at Hallett Antique Emporium. Thirty vendors, 12,000 square feet of surprises, and simply a unique place to spend an afternoon. Another great way to take a break from the nip in the air is to visit Jacques Art Center. Admission is always free and so is access to the interesting rotating exhibits they offer. Through December 23rd they’re also holding a Christmas Marketplace where artists and artisan vendors will be selling their wares.  

6.)    Back to the Basics: Sledding and Tubing – If you’re ready for a little “weeeeee!” and a lot of “whoosh!” in your life, it’s time to grease up your tube and hit the slopes. Visit Mille Lacs Kathio State Park yet again for amazing sledding hills the whole family will enjoy. You can even check snow conditions to plan out your winter attire. Insulated mittens versus waterproof gloves and face mask versus warm scarf? What about putting together a picnic made for a snowman? A thermos full of something warm to drink (don’t worry, in this scenario, the snowman doesn’t melt), cheese and crackers, Christmas cookies, and a couple of warm blankets. 

Snow Depth and Groomed Trail ConditionsMinnesota State Parks and Trails will keep you current with Minnesota’s snow depth, snowmobile and cross country…

Side effects and reactions to the above regimens are to be expected. Some include relief from the slow-mo fatigued state you may find yourself in, a bit more sun in an otherwise darker season, saying goodbye to that “blah” feeling and so many more. Always consult with family and friends before engaging in these therapeutic winter activity measures so they can also be a part of your treatment plan. Sometimes simply being with the ones you love (and who love you!) is the best medicine providing you with the most effective outcomes. So does a specialty grilled cheese. Always say yes to the grilled cheese.



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