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Holiday Entertaining Tips…for your Ice Castle and Beyond

It’s that time of year again when everything feels a little more magical. Pretty twinkling lights are strung, blow-up Santas sway in the wind on the front lawn, and only the best Christmas trees have at least 2 ornaments per branch. Some might call holiday décor gaudy or busy, we call it gleefully overindulgent and we’re here for it all. Not only is this season a little candy for the eyes but how about our appetites? You’re not really Christmas’ing until you’ve tried 5 different appetizers in one sitting along with a couple of rich and creamy holiday drinks. It always sounds like a great idea but tell that to your 45-year-old stomach the next morning.

Year-round at The Red Door Resort, we’re treated to Mother Nature’s glory right outside our front door. It’s a rare day when we don’t thank our lucky Christmas stars for what we get the privilege to experience here. Spring offers stirring wildlife, and summer brings us a glass-like lake that reflects the sun high in the sky. Fall season showcases the warm glow of transforming foliage and winter gifts us with serenity and calm. This sense of peace and harmony might feel a little less glamorous than a colorful spring filled with so much promise or a busy bustling summer, but up on the north shore of Lake Mille Lacs, believe us when we tell you there’s nothing like sipping a hot chocolate (with marshmallows, naturally) after a day out in our winter wonderland. Now, that’s not to say we couldn’t do with a little extra pizazz. As we all know, winter can be dark and dreary and ice fishing isn’t the reddest red carpet of winter pastimes but hear us out. Along with your ice auger tacklebox and rod and reel, why not bring a little Christmas along for the ride?    

Whether you’re visiting us for a before-the-holidays escape to get revved up for the much-anticipated madness, or you’re here celebrating the new year with the *most amazing* gift you received from your loved one for a weekend ice castle stay. Who says you can’t take it to the next level? You’ve probably never heard the words “Don’t put the Christmas tree too close to the fishing hole” in one sentence. Yet, you ornament your kids’ backyard playhouse with garland, so why not stick a few snowflake decals on the window next to your comfy bunk for an even more picturesque view from your fishing seat? The label on the Christmas lights doesn’t say what kind of house they’re most commonly strewn upon. 

A Christmas in a duffle bag checklist:

Christmas lights (obviously.) Our skid houses and ice castles have generators!

A cozy reindeer-themed fleece holiday throw for décor and warmth!

Your Santa mug for all the hot chocolate you’ll be drinking (Is it spiked? Is it not? We won’t tell)

Just so everyone knows it’s your ice castle for the weekend, a lit-up Santa or Grinch strategically placed in your frozen front yard.

A tabletop Christmas tree 

Your favorite holiday refreshments

Now let’s talk about the highlight of the holidays, besides the obvious gifts…the food! Time is always a little tight this time of year with the school concerts, shopping, family get-togethers, shopping, traveling, shopping, so an easy appetizer spread is a perfect way to do some jingling and mingling quite honestly, wherever you are! 

Holiday Salsa


1 package (12 ounce) fresh or frozen cranberries

1 cup sugar

6 green onions, chopped

½ cup fresh cilantro leaves, chopped

1 jalapeno pepper, seeded and finely chopped

1 package (8 ounces) cream cheese, softened

Assorted crackers or tortilla


1.       Pulse cranberries and sugar in a food processor until coarsely chopped. Stir together onions, cilantro, and jalapeno. Cover and refrigerate for several hours or overnight.

2.       To serve, place cream cheese on a serving plate. Drain salsa, and spoon over cream cheese. Serve with crackers or chips. 

Recipe Credit: Taste of Home

For those over-achievers, how about a Christmas charcuterie wreath?

Ingredient ideas:

First, gather your cheeses. Cubed cheddar, a couple of wedges of brie, and maybe some chunks of gouda and parmesan are yummy ones to include. If you’re really motivated, use a small cookie cutter to make cheese slices in the shape of a tree or star.

Next work on your meats. Dry salami is always a favorite, along with pepperoni and prosciutto. Do you know how to make those fancy salami roses? We don’t either but a few would be great here!

Make your charcuterie extra festive with the bright and healthy colors of fruit! Go for grapes, cranberries, strawberries, and pomegranate.

Then finish it off with sweet treats, nuts, and crackers. Sprinkle in a container of mixed nuts along with chocolate-covered anything rolled in crushed candy canes, and for a cute surprise, add some holiday-shaped crackers. We’re pretty sure Town House and Ritz have you covered here. 



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