Top 10 Ways to Stay Busy Indoors at Your Winter Resort in Minnesota

Reaaaal funny, Mother Nature. Hilarious. You got us! You’re so funny, we forgot to laugh. Okay, we give up. Where’s the snow and cold? Where’s the ice?? While we (im)patiently wait for you to get your seasons straight, don’t worry about us. We’ll be over here happily checking off this simple yet fun list of indoor family activities to keep us occupied in our cabin. We don’t need no stinking ice. I mean, we don’t need it, The Red Door Resort is more than a memory-making, well-loved fishing lodge in Minnesota, but we want it. Bad. So, in summary, we’ll stay busy while you get your house in order. We don’t need ice but really want ice so please, fix it. Love, ice fishermen, and fisherwomen everywhere. 

1.       Indoor scavenger hunt – You know that drawer each of your kids has that’s jam-packed with random trinkets? If you can actually get it open, pull a few baubles from each, (we promise, they won’t even know they’re gone), and throw them in your suitcase. Next, who’s the most creative parent? Name them the Clever Clue Maker. Need inspiration? Look here! Guide the kids through your cozy motel room with wit and imagination, then watch as their faces light up as if it’s the first time they’ve laid eyes on that McDonald’s wind-up toy (pssst… it’s been around for years.)

2.       Family talent show – Ah, the simplicity of an old-school talent show, but this time without the stage fright, potential peer judgment, or worries about forgetting a line or a move. Simply a showcase of your talents in front of those who love you most. Prep the family before you leave for your much-needed winter getaway, or spring it on them a day before, tossing in the challenge of planning something on the fly. Are you an amateur magician? Maybe you were blessed with super convincing lip-syncing abilities! Can you stand on your head for an obscene amount of time, or do you nail spot-on impressions? Be yourself, revel in the moment, and long-lasting memories and strong family bonds will follow.  

3.       Video game marathon – We all know at least a handful of kids who would perform a happy dance for a video game marathon. Pack up your Xbox, PlayStation 4 or 5, Nintendo 64, Switch (we know there are a million more), and don’t forget the thingamajigs you need to hook it all up. Thankfully, The Red Door Resort has you covered in the way of sizable TVs in our cabins and motel rooms. Slip on your comfiest comfies, grab snacks, and get ready for gamer trances and time slotted for a couple of laps outside for leg stretching after all those hearty thumb workouts.

4.       Hot chocolate bar – You’re not staying at a homey Minnesota resort on a lake in the winter without hot chocolate. Got a pen and a piece of paper? Write down candy canes, cinnamon sticks, white chocolate pieces, sprinkles, marshmallows, crushed peppermint, whipped cream, coarse sea salt, vanilla extract, and… drum roll please… peanut butter cups! Vote on a flick and watch as everyone in the family builds their dream hot chocolate.

5.       Family photoshoot – Do you have a tripod or selfie stick? Toss them in your suitcase along with your fam jams or dressiest dress or suit. Do candid shots, capture posed portraits, or play around with close-ups, and don’t forget the furry kids in the family! If you didn’t have time to send out Christmas cards this year, perhaps one of these images will be perfect for a “New Year, New Adventures” greeting. How many laughs do you think a family photo shoot will be? A camera roll full.

6.       Snack dinner – Self-explanatory and a hit with kids. Have the family decide on their top 10 favorite snacks… popcorn, cheese slices, apples, cut-up lunch meat, veggies and dip, nuts, crackers, or dare we suggest a couple of frozen appetizers? Then announce, “Time to eat!” Congratulations on being the best parents EVER and enjoy your time together snacking away at the dinner table.

7.       Reading nook – For the bookworms in your family and the book avoiders! A reading nook complete with the softest of blankets and cushiest of pillows will make for a low-key, relaxing activity for all. Magazines or comics for the non-lovers and novels that you just can’t put down for the enthusiasts.  

8.       Dance party – The Red Door Resort has lightning-fast Wi-Fi so pull up your best ‘groove to me’ playlist and dance it out together! Watch Dad moonwalk, Mom do the macarena, and the kids hop around in the center of the circle to the beat of “I Think He Knows” by Tay Tay.  

9.       Storytelling around the fireplace – Have you ever played ‘Pass-along Story?” Start with the youngest in the family. They begin a story and after a couple of minutes, they pass it along to the next youngest and so on until the story is finished by the oldest. Throw a wrench into this unique twist on yarn spinning by having each person add only one sentence to the tale before passing it along.

10.  ‘Snowball’ fight – When you’re looking for things to do around Mille Lacs in January and February, you probably don’t expect an indoor snowball fight to be a suggestion. Remember those marshmallows you bought for your hot chocolate bonanza? Set some aside for an indoor ‘snowball’ fight! Yes, there’s cleanup involved, but this activity might end up being pee your pants funny as you gather marshmallows of all sizes and go to battle. No cold, no slush, no sting of cold hard snow on your face, only giggles, fun, and maybe some sampling of the softest and sweetest snowballs you’ve ever tasted.

So there! The joke is on you, Mother Nature because we’ll have fun with or without your support. But seriously, send the cold.



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