Guided fishing on Lake Mille Lacs

The Best Guided Fishing Tours on Lake Mille Lacs

If you’re coming to fish the big lake, you want to make sure you’re after the right fish at the right time and in the right place. 

The best way to know? Choose the support of guided fishing tours from The Red Door Resort.

Lake Mille Lacs Horizon

You came to Mille Lacs because you know the walleye fishing is top notch but did you also know anglers have more to rejoice in than just one fish on the lake? 

Recently ranked a top destination for small-mouth bass fishing plus a great spot for northern pike and muskies, Lake Mille Lacs is home to more fantastic fishing than you might think.  And our guides know that well.

But knowing what fish can be found on Mille Lacs is different than knowing where to find them and that’s where our Red Door Resort Fishing Guides come in. 

With decades of fishing on Mille Lacs Lake and in the greater northern Minnesota region, our fishing guides know these waters inside and out no matter the time of year. They’ll lead you in the right direction to find the best fishing spots depending on the season and the conditions of the lake. 

Plus, once you find the fish, your guided fishing tour lead will have expert advice on the best gear to use for securing a catch during your time on the water.

Guided Fishing on Lake Mille Lacs

And, perhaps top of the list, our guided fishing tours know and follow Minnesota fishing regulations so you can have not only a highly engaging fishing experience but you will also know and understand the latest fishing mandates. 

If you’re ready to make the most of your northern Minnesota fishing trip, add a guided fishing tour to your stay. No matter the time of year, our fishing guides will confidently help you experience the best angling Lake Mille Lacs has to offer.




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