Restaurants on lake mille lacs

Top 5 BEST Restaurants on Lake Mille Lacs

Traveling and discovering new places is a phenomenal way to gain new experiences and create long lasting memories. Everybody focuses on finding the perfect place to stay, fun activities to do while you are there, and planning out travel. But what about making sure you have a few places to grab a bite to eat in between? Well, we have you covered for your trip to northern Minnesota with our top 5 picks for restaurants on Lake Mille Lacs to try out while you are here! 

Restaurants on lake mille lacsBayView Bar and Grill

Boating around the lake is one of the best ways to enjoy Lake Mille Lacs. When you are out on the water all day, having a few stops for restaurants on Lake Mille Lacs mapped out on the way will make it even better! BayView Bar and Grill is located on the lower east side of the lake and is a great spot to dock your boat and grab a bite to eat or a refreshing drink out of the sun. There are live performances on Saturday by various local artists and a variety of delicious menu items. 

1991 Kitchen

If you find yourself with a rainy day or are just looking for some nightlife to scratch the social butterfly itch, head to Grand Casino Mille Lacs in Onamia and stop into 1991 Kitchen. 1991 Kitchen is a great spot for a casual meal with an upscale feel. Whether you are looking for a brunch spot with mimosas or a prime-rib dinner, this is a spot that is great for a fun time and good food. It may not be right on the waters, but we’re still adding it to the list of best restaurants on Lake Mille Lacs because it’s just that good.

Restaurants on lake mille lacsCountry Corner Cafe

For those that love trying local favorites with that true “home-town” feel, Country Corner Cafe is a fantastic spot to grab breakfast. When it comes to comfort food for the breakfast lovers, this place knows their way around a grill. Located in Isle, MN, you can head out from your cabin at  The Red Door Resort at dawn and work your way down the shoreline reeling in fish and dig into classic country cooking while the midday lull hits on the lake. When it comes to Lake Mille Lacs restaurants, Country Corner Cafe will make you feel like your right at home. 

Mugg’s of Mille Lacs

Going for a drive around the lake? Take in the scenery and stop in historical Wahkon for a craft beer and some classic deep fried comfort food. Mugg’s on Mille Lacs is a popular stop for snowmobiles in the winter and those traveling around the lake during the summer months. Only about 30 minutes from Garrison, your tummy won’t rumble long before you get to sit down at your table and take your pick of the menu options. 

Restaurants on lake mille lacsFarm Market Cafe

Planning an ATV/UTV getaway and have the SooLine Trail on your map? Pull off the trails in Onamia just a few feet and pull into Angie’s Farm Market Cafe. This neat little stop has a wide variety of foods to choose from. Dig into breakfast and lunch classics like the french toast or a basket of wings, or take a little trip with a unique Asian dish. There are also crafted espresso options for the coffee-lovers. While you wait for your food, take a peek at the boutique section. This is definitely a unique experience with food that is sure to make your tastebuds sing. 

Restaurants on Lake Mille Lacs

Whether you are here for the weekend or for an extended stay, there is no shortage of fantastic restaurants on Lake Mille Lacs. There are options for those on family vacations, weekend fishing trips, boating adventures, and everything in between on Lake Mille Lacs Minnesota. Find the perfect cozy cabin at The Red Door Resort and add one or all of these Lake Mille Lacs restaurants to your itinerary.



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