Can you see northern lights

Can You See Northern Lights on Lake Mille Lacs? Absolutely!

We’ve all seen movies, videos, and artwork capturing the northern lights. Brilliant displays of colorful lights flooding the night sky in dancing streaks and splashes that look like something right out of a fantasy world. So, can you see northern lights on Lake Mille Lacs? Absolutely! And we want to share where and why these breathtaking lights take place. 

What are the Northern Lights?

Over the years, there have been many theories behind why the northern lights occur. Previous science said that it could be reflections off the water particles in the air or snow during the winter. However, that never explained why we can see them all year round in certain areas of the world, whether there is snow or not. Modern science has the real answer, though, and it is directly linked to the sun. Yes, the lights we see at night are actually caused by the sun! Wild, right? How it works is actually pretty simple. 

Can you see northern lightsThe sun’s solar flares burst from its surface and travel across the galaxy and enter the atmosphere. Once they enter the atmosphere, they collide with molecules and charge them up enough to create illumination that we can see. This is also why we see so much fluctuation in the northern lights and why they come and go so quickly. The aurora is basically made up of millions of tiny fast-moving particles that crash and cause little flashes like those you see on a blanket with lots of static. 

When and Where Can You See the Northern Lights in Mille Lacs?

So, can you see northern lights in Mille Lacs. Well, when conditions are right, it’s actually a perfect place to get a front row seat. Number one factor for seeing the northern lights is making sure it’s a clear, cloudless sky and minimal light pollution from nearby buildings or street lights. Lake resorts in Minnesota and Lake Mille Lacs are great for this because you can find a quiet dock to sit on and gaze out over the lake. The lake basically creates a large expanse of area with little to no light pollution so you can clearly see the aurora borealis. Can you see northern lights

Now, when can you see northern lights? This one is a little more complicated. It is a bit like the weather where the best chances of seeing northern lights depends on when the sun is having a solar storm. This can easily be tracked on apps like Aurora. This app will tell you what time the aurora borealis is expected to peak, how likely and how vivid visuals will be, and more to help you track the light’s patterns. 

Can you see northern lightsFind a Front Row Seat at Lake Resorts in Minnesota

One of the most commonly asked questions we get on Mille Lacs is “can you see northern lights?” And we love this question, because when we reply with yes, the inquirer lights up. It’s truly an incredible experience, and it’s one that you can get right at The Red Door Resort. We consider ourselves the best resort in Minnesota for viewing the northern lights because we are located right on shore. It even gets better when we have our ice houses set out during the winter so that guests can sit out on the ice all night gazing up into the night sky like the world’s best IMAX experience. When it comes to lake resorts in Minnesota and seeing the northern lights, The Red Door Resort is at the top of the list. Don’t miss your opportunity to catch this natural wonder in action!



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