Mille Lacs Lake Ice Break

Mille Lacs Ice Incident 12/31/2022

Resort Contractor Truck Through the Ice

The afternoon of Saturday, December 31st one of the contractors at The Red Door Resort got distracted and drove through an area that the Ice Team had flagged as to be avoided.   Here are a few things to know about the incident:

The driver exited the truck safely and no injuries were reported.

The Red Door access was not, and continues not to be, open to public vehicle traffic; the access is only open to walkout, snowmobile, ATV and side by side traffic.  The vehicle was only allowed out as part of the working group focusing on expanding the ice roads and working on setting up the fish house rentals.

Jim Staricha with Northland Towing out of Isle, MN responded quickly and pulled the vehicle out of the lake within two hours of the initial incident.

Outside of this incident, other resort trucks have operated successfully on the lake since mid-last week and the Ice Team has plowed a main trunk road, first and second break roads and a road out to the flats. 

The resort still plans to pull member skid houses out onto Mille Lacs this coming week and the access may open up to lighter vehicle traffic for the weekend of January 6th.  That said, there isn’t a rush to have more vehicles on the ice.

All of us at The Red Door Resort wish you a very Happy New Year!



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