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Best Fall Minnesota Fishing Resorts

As much as we don’t want to see summer go just yet, Minnesotans are getting ready for fall fishing. Minnesota fishing resorts like The Red Door Resort are gearing up and looking forward to colorful foliage and great fishing. The fall harvest MN walleye season kicks off on September 1st and runs through November 30th. Anglers can take advantage of keeping fish within current regulations, and we can’t wait to reel ‘em in! 

Minnesota fishing resortsThe Location

Lake Mille Lacs is known for its gorgeous views, fantastic lake activities, and fishing, and it just gets better during the fall season. Combine two of many Minnesotans’ pastimes into one by setting out on the boat for phenomenal fishing and taking in the fall colors at the same time. The lake is surrounded by hundreds of acres of some of the most beautiful wooded areas that turn into dazzling scenes of gold, crimson, and orange. Everywhere you look seems to be a scene straight out of a postcard. The days are also cooler in the area, so fish are active longer and can be found in shallower areas. Everything about fall on Lake Mille Lacs creates the perfect recipe for hitting the water. 

Minnesota Fishing Season

Minnesota fishing resortsOne of the greatest aspects of choosing the fall Minnesota fishing season is the abundance of fish that also love the weather changes. Much like spring, fall is a fantastic time of year to hit the water and drop a line. Cooler temperatures create conditions that allow fish to frequent shallower waters and they tend to bite later into the day and earlier into the afternoons. During the summer months, anglers may spend a good portion of their day looking for drop-offs and deeper portions to sink their lines. However, fall brings a wider variety of areas where you can find walleye hanging out. 

Rather than looking for 20-25 foot depths, you can keep your hooks closer to the 12-15 foot range. MN walleye season is a fan favorite during the fall months for their activity in the water. Catch and release as much as you want and check in on the MN walleye limit before you head out to see what you can bring home. Walleyes tend to hang out on rock piles and in weed lines during the fall. There is also a plethora of other fish that you can find during the fall season. 

Comfort and Convenience

The fall season at Minnesota lake resorts is one of the best for many different reasons. Fall weather is perfect for all outdoor activities and creates an added level of beauty to everything you want to explore while you’re here. The Red Door Resort is nestled in the gorgeous woodlands along the northwestern side of Lake Mille Lacs and has a never-ending supply of things to do in the area. You can head out on the water for fishing, ride miles of ATV trails, hike through gorgeous state parks, relax by the fire, and more. The lake is right outside our door, so you can easily access the waters and take in the views during your time on Lake Mille Lacs.

Minnesota fishing resortsMinnesota Fishing Resorts

Cozy cabin-style accommodations are equipped with full kitchens, full bathrooms, relaxing living areas, and more. There are also plenty of motel-style accommodations that have everything you need to have a place to get a good night’s sleep between adventures. There is plenty of parking for trucks and boat trailers, and a boat slip available to all of our guests to use. Take advantage of all there is to do and see during the fall season at Minnesota fishing resorts at The Red Door Resort. Explore all there is on Lake Mille Lacs and see just why so many anglers head to Minnesota during the autumn months. 



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