Private cabin at The Red Door Resort

Lake Escape for Two: A Couples Getaway to Mille Lacs Lake

You and your sweetheart deserve a break, together. A time to relax, enjoy the comforts of vacation away from the bustle of everyday and the opportunity to explore and adventure however you desire. Choosing a Minnesota couple’s getaway at a Mille Lacs Lake resort is the perfect choice for everything you may wish to do!

Lake Mille Lacs view from The Red Door Resort

Start Slow

There’s no rush when it comes to enjoying your couple’s vacation. Arrive at your private cabin or private hotel room and settle into the comfort of your getaway homebase. Take your time getting to know the space and putting away your suitcases before heading out to explore the grounds. 

Make your first stop at the cafe for a simple snack or dinner then head to the water’s edge. As you dig your toes into the sand of the shore, taking in the beautiful Mille Lacs lake views, the sun will begin to set. A peaceful ending to your first getaway day. Stick around at the shore as the skies darken to watch the first stars beginning to appear. 

If you want to extend your night-sky viewing, start a fire and cozy in under the blanket of stars that will continue to stunningly appear above you.

1991 Kitchen at the Grand Casino Mille Lacs

Indulge, Together

Up for breakfast? Head to the 1991 Kitchen at the Grand Casino Mille Lacs for morning cocktails including Bloody Marys and Mimosas paired with a sweet side or a delicious full meal. 

After you fuel up, take your time perusing the gift and retail shops or trying the slots or game tables. We hope luck is on your side!
Wish to revisit youthful fun? Get a little competitive at the arcade

When you’re ready to slow down a bit, head to Decorsa Winery for a tour of the gorgeous restored barn and lovely vineyard before enjoying a sampling of some of their delicious wines. 

Extend your day into the evening with night-time entertainment at The Ripple Center, Aitkin’s arts, music & event menu. Plan ahead to enjoy a night of live music or get moving during their monthly open dance hall. 

After grooving to the music from the audience or on the dance floor, head back to your private space at The Red Door Resort to settle in for the night.

Couple canoeing together on lake.

Adventure Together

Would you rather spend your time together outdoors? This region offers a multitude of opportunities to make the most of your couple’s getaway.

Starting right at our Mille Lacs Lake resort, take your time enjoying the lake from the shoreline. From sunbathing on the beach to wading in the long-extending shallow waters, you’ll find peace in the slow comfort of a lake day.

Would you rather be on the water? Take the boat (yours or a rental) on to the big lake. Whether you enjoy exploring the waters for the best fishing spot or just want to take in the views with blue skies above and cool water below, a day on the water is a perfect way to relax together. 

Make it an early start to meet the sunrise on the waves or extend into the evening for sunset from the deck. Bring a picnic basket along and enjoy the quiet solitude. 

Yes to the water but not to the boat? Perhaps you’re looking for a leisurely paddle together by canoe or kayak, taking in views at a slower pace with wildlife spotting along the shorelines. Or, you want a bit more adventure with something unique? Then it’s time to try kiteboarding!

Of course, if the water isn’t calling you, the trails are waiting for you instead. And, with multiple Minnesota State Parks nearby, you have plenty of trails to choose from. 

Choose Mille Lacs Kathio State Park for miles of trails, an observation tower with spectacular views 100 feet up and fantastic displays diving into 9000 years of human history in the region along with archaeological study. For the history-lovers, this is a fantastic stop.

Choose Father Hennepin State Park for the perfect beach day on Mille Lacs including picnic tables, horseshoe pits, and volleyball court. When you need a break from the sun, head out on one of the parks’ trails toward the South Fishing Pier where albino deer may be spotted. The Touch Earth Trail at Mille Lacs Kathio State Park

By foot is not the only way to enjoy local trails, however. As a couple, you may choose to get outdoors in the Minnesota woods by horseback or bike

When you are done adventuring for the day, enjoy a meal together at one of our favorite Mille Lacs restaurants or pick up your own ingredients at the local farmers market to prepare dinner together. 

Truly, however you imagine your Minnesota couple’s getaway, choosing The Red Door Resort is the first step to seeing it all come together. Then you choose whether you spend your time in the lights at the Mille Lacs Casino and enjoying a live performance at the opera house or spending your couple’s vacation peacefully enjoying a lake day or taking your time on the trails. Or, mix and match. Your couple’s getaway can be as peaceful or as adventurous as you want it to be. 




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