Winter in Minnesota at The Red Door Resort

Minnesota magic? That is one (very true) way to describe the winters here at The Red Door Resort. Magical, awe-inspiring, simply gorgeous…

And that applies to the snow-covered landscape, ice-covered lake and favorite seasonal pastimes. 

Keep it simple, keep it cozy

At the very heart of winter in Minnesota is the opportunity to sit back and cozy up without worry about what you “could” or “should” be doing. Enjoying the winter takes no more than the effort of staying warm, safe and at peace in the quiet of this snowy season. 

Here at The Red Door Resort, we have cozy at the ready. 

In the comfort of your private motel room or cabin, snuggle up with your favorite movies, books or projects while the winter days pass slowly just outside your door. Relish in the fact that you don’t have to worry about shoveling, plowing or even driving if you don’t want to. 

Opt for the best cozy comfort by choosing the Stonehouse Cabin with its warm aesthetic and gas fireplace. Nothing invokes winter comfort quite like watching the snow fall past your window as you curl up in a nest of blankets. 

Need a change of scenery?

That’s as easy as walking outside where you’ll be met with the lovely Red Door Resort grounds. Bundle up, take along a coffee or cocoa, and enjoy a winter stroll to frozen Mille Lacs Lake where you can observe ice fishing, snowshoeing or even cross country skiing from the shore.

Ice Fishing

But then, maybe you want to enjoy the ice fishing from the ice with your own line in the water. You can do that, too!

Ice fishing on Mille Lacs is an incredible fishing experience. Not only can you fish all day and through the night, you can choose to find the perfect spot with gear in hand or use a fish house (yours or rented!)

You’ll enjoy the opportunity to catch walleye, perch, northern pike and other fish in an opportunity that only comes once a year. 

Pond Hockey

Staying on the ice, the winter is also the only time to enjoy Minnesota Pond Hockey. Bring your sticks and skates for games under the winter sky followed up by cocoa and sandwiches at the cafe. 


If you want to travel further out into the winter wonderland that is Minnesota, snowmobiling is the best option. Cover miles of scenic beauty over the ice and through the woods for bountiful opportunities of photo-worthy stops. 

If you brought your machine with you, you can head right out from The Red Door Resort. Check out the trail maps from area snowmobile clubs for the best itinerary around the lake and region. Plus, stay up-to-date with trail conditions by checking in to clubs like Mille Lacs Trails so you know which route is the best route for your travels.

No machine to bring? Snowmobile rentals are available at several stops in the region.



Cross Country Skiing & Snowshoeing

Then again, you can hit the trails in a different way. A slower, quieter way. By skis or snowshoes.

Miles of sparkling snowy trails are accessible around the greater Mille Lacs area where you can spend hours exploring a variety of landscapes from open fields to pine forest. Experience some moments quiet in the fresh snow while others are dotted with the flitting movements of winter song birds.

Right from The Red Door Resort you can access the miles of ice roads that are maintained throughout the winter on top of Mille Lacs. Enjoy shoreviews from the lake while you pass fisherman huddled around their lines or spaces of solitude where no one else is present. 

Heading off the resort, you can find miles of breathtaking trails at our local state parks. 

Mille Lacs Kathio State Park offers close to 20 miles of groomed trails from beginner to difficult terrain. The Park Office is open for the winter where you can also warm up, rest up and even rent skis if necessary. 

For the more adventurous and experienced skiers and snowshoers, Father Hennapin State Park offers 5 miles of trails which are ungroomed. This is a true seasonal challenge to those who wish to experience the Minnesotan winter as few people do. 

Northern Lights

There’s one more truly spectacular  activity to enjoy as part of winter in Minnesota: the Northern Lights

While seeing the Northern Lights is dependent on solar storm activity, the most likely time of year to see the lights in Minnesota is in the winter. And, because of our location on Mille Lacs Lake, when the conditions are right, you’ll have front row seats from right outside your cabin or fish house, by ski or snowmobile. The open expanse of the lake creates unobstructed sky views that, when paired with the lower light pollution of our region, create a picture perfect view when the aurora borealis is active.  

If winter is your season, then experiencing it here is a must! Whether you want to keep it low key in your cozy room for lots of rest or are ready to adventure out into the cold, crisp air, winter in Minnesota is waiting for you at The Red Door Resort.



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