Parent and child in snow gear on frozen lake to ice fish.

Ice Fishing on Mille Lacs with Red Door Resort

The fall may have just arrived but our hearts are calling for that special time of year when the big lake freezes over and, still, the fish keep biting. Yes, ice fishing is on its way!

And ice fishing with The Red Door Resort? It may be the best way to experience this seasonal, beloved tradition!

We’ll start by getting on the ice. 

Through The Red Door Resort, you can access miles of wide, plowed ice roads right on top of Lake Mille Lacs. The roads not only get you out onto the ice, but they bring you over sand breaks and mud flats for fantastic fishing opportunities. The roads do change year to year but you can find past maps here for an idea of what to expect. 

Access to the ice roads are available to Red Door Resort seasonal site members as well as to season and daily pass holders. Keep in mind, there is no limit on single day vehicle-only (no wheelhouse) pass holders getting on to the ice but the resort does limit the number of vehicles with wheelhouses. You’ll want to secure your passes and reservations ahead of time to guarantee you’re set to get out on the ice with everything you need. 

Now that you’re out on the ice, let’s chat about the multiple ways to enjoy a day or weekend fishing. 

First, you can keep it as simple as it comes by fishing mobily and setting up shop in the cold, fresh Minnesota air with just yourself and a buddy or two. As long as you’re dressed for the weather or have a nice insulated portable, you’ll enjoy the opportunity to take in the views while you wait for that bite on your line. 

Of course, it can get quite chilly out there, so maybe you’ve decided to use your own fish house instead. Bring it along to stay warm and have access to a few amenities while you fish. If you’ve planned ahead, you are likely one of the fine folks who use their fish house year-round or have it stored with us. In that case,  we can pull your skid house onto the ice when the season is ready or you are able to come and go with your wheelhouse as you please!

Don’t have your own fish house or want to experience some of the nicest fish house rentals available? A preferred option is renting a fish house through The Red Door Resort for the ultimate ice fishing experience. 

Multiple options are available for rent including our Ice Castles and Skid Houses giving you a variety of choices (if you plan ahead!). Come with a few buddies, a larger group or plan a corporate event.

Our set-ups include warm heaters, RV stoves with ovens, basic cooking utensils, rattle reels, catch covers and either on-board bathrooms or access to conveniently located porta-potties. For a more premium experience, choose a rental with a generator, television and WiFi access. 

When you choose to bring your own wheelhouse or rent a fish house from The Red Door Resort, you’ll be set up to experience the best fishing any time of day including those overnight experiences you only get in the winter season (as long as you have the heat!). 


Night fishing is good you ask? It is!

You can expect to catch walleye, perch, and the occasional burbot (eelpout) or northern pike when you choose to extend your ice fishing to the later evening. And, don’t forget that other reason to stay up in the evening. Your best chances to catch the Northern Lights are in the winter and the views when you watch from Mille Lacs? A big bonus to the catch you have frying up on the stove!

You’re well on your way to having a fabulous winter with lines in the water just make sure you choose the right gear to catch your favorite fish as well as to keep warm and safe whether you’re in a fish house or making a trek across the ice. 

Caught the ice fishing itch? 

We’re not surprised! 

Ice fishing on Mille Lacs is an unique opportunity that comes only once a year and is not to be missed! Here at The Red Door Resort, we take the season very seriously providing the best access to the lake, the best fish houses to rent and a strong ice fishing community you’ll love being part of.




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