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Mille Lacs Ice Report 12/7/2022

4"+ of Ice on the North Side of Mille Lacs

Mother nature can make ice when conditions align.  Last Thursday, December 1st, Mille Lacs looked as though it had completely frozen over for the first time.  Today when the ice team drilled holes, the ice out front of The Red Door Resort was almost uniformly 6.5″ thick.  The ice team did find a couple of small pockets of 4.5″ of ice.  As a result, the resort will be open to walk out traffic to the first and second breaks starting this Friday, December 9th.  Check out the Ice Report video below for some additional color.

If the temperature outlook were cold and precipitation free, the ice season could get an earlier than usual start.  Unfortunately, temperatures are predicted to be in the upper 20’s to low 30’s starting this weekend and the team is cautiously watching – and hoping the resort avoids – a possible snow event Tuesday / Wednesday of next week. 

At The Red Door Resort everyone is looking forward to the 2022-2023 hard water season.  We hope to see you on the north side of Mille Lacs soon.  

Note:  The Ice Team did use a side by side (pictured in the ice report) to clear a path through shore ice.  However, the water depth was only two an a half feet at the furthest point the machine reached, so even if it would have gone through the result would have been more of an inconvenience that a safety risk. 



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