Hard Water on the Big Pond

Mille Lacs Lake Ice Report 12/1/2022

Ice as far as the eye can see

From The Red Door Resort’s access on the north side of Mille Lacs, it appears that the lake completely froze over last night.  The Ice Team is excited to enter December with only hard water visible and to see cool temperatures (i.e., overnight lows mostly in the mid-single digits and temperatures almost consistently below freezing) with limited snowfall (aka insulation) in the 10-day forecast.  Over the next 72 hours strong wind gusts – sometime approaching 40 mph – are expected, so time will tell if the ice sheet stays together or breaks up a bit over the weekend.  Regardless, all of us at The Red Door Resort are excited for the 2022-2023 ice season.

PS. Last year at this time Mille Lacs was still open water; click here for the blog post from December 1st 2021.



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