Small Mouth Bass Near the Red Door Resort

Mille Lacs Lake Fishing Report 6/19/2024

Mille Lacs Angling Continues to be Great

Hello Everyone!  John here at The Red Door Resort on the north shores of beautiful Mille Lacs lake!  I wanted to put together a quick fishing report here for mid June!

Water temps are fluctuating with our wild weather patterns but remain mostly around 66-68 degrees.  Walleye fishing is absolutely amazing, small mouth bass angling is great and soon there will be awesome opportunities to target trophy northern pike and muskies.

The walleye bite continues to be silly good and the fishing remains absolutely amazing here on the north end of the lake.  Lots of fish have started transitioning to the many mudflats around the north end and the fish eager to play.   Lots of tactics are working this time of year so you can pretty much catch walleyes using whatever your favorite methods are.  Lindy rigs, pulling spinners, trolling crank baits on Lead Core and – my favorite – sharp shooting them with LiveScope and bobbers are all working.  There are also plenty of walleyes along the shoreline breaks on the transition areas (sand to rocks, etc.).  

Anglers are reporting a good small mouth bass bite.  When targeting smallies, I would focus on those transition areas along the shoreline breaks.  

As we head into July and August, I am excited for the upcoming excellent opportunities for trophy Northern Pike in the 40” range and huge muskies.  I look forward to trying to share the experience of catching huge muskies like the beautiful 52” I had the pleasure of catching late last year

Give us a call here at the Red Door Resort if you have any questions and to book your lake front cabins, our clean beautiful motel rooms and your guided fishing trips!  All top end electronics and fishing equipment provided for guided fishing trips so give me a call and let’s get out on the water!  

– John The Red Door Resort (218) 678-3686

Mille Lacs Lake Walleye Catch



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