The Busch Light Ice Shanty, Hosted by The Red Door Resort

There’s no need to pinch yourself – you are not dreaming. This is real life, and you really can win a week-long Minnesota ice fishing trip in the Busch Light Ice Shanty!

In partnership with The Red Door Resort, Anheuser-Busch just launched its 2022 Busch Light Ice Shanty Sweepstakes, where one lucky winner (and a plus-one) will win a 7-day, 6-night stay in the fully-loaded Busch Light Ice Shanty on Lake Mille Lacs.

To win, simply post a picture of the world-renowned Busch Light logo anywhere on social media and include two hashtags: #BuschIceShanty and #Sweepstakes. Oh, and don’t forget to include @BuschBeer! Eligibility for the sweepstakes runs from January 18 to the 28th, so don’t delay.

The winner will stay in the Busch Light Ice Shanty on Lake Mille Lacs – one of Minnesota’s most famous fishing holes, located less than 2 hours from Minneapolis and St. Paul – from February 5 through February 11. That’s a whole dang week! 

While the winner (you?!) and the plus-one are in the shanty, they won’t really want for anything because the sweepstakes include:

  • Six iceholes with lines
  • A bait fridge
  • Heat and electricity
  • Bathroom
  • Small kitchenette
  • Two single beds
  • Dinner table
  • Giant TV
  • A second fridge – this one stocked with all the Busch Light you can drink in a week

If you’re not yet sold on how awesome this will be… well, what part of ice fishing with a buddy in a tricked-out Busch Light Ice Shanty with all the beer you can drink for an entire week don’t you get? Maybe an endorsement from the You Betcha guy will do the trick. Check it out here!

By the way, we’re expecting some folks from Busch to be onsite for photo ops during the sweepstakes winner’s stay. So, even if you don’t win the contest, February 5-11 is going to be a pretty fun time at The Red Door Resort. Want to be part of it? Book now

Those of us at The Red Door Resort are really excited to be host to this fun event. It was cool having the folks from Busch Light here setting up the Ice Shanty, it was great meeting the You Betcha boys, and we loved what they were able to do with one of our ice castles. 

But the best part? The very bestest part of all is that once the sweepstakes winner departs on February 11, the fully decorated and tricked-out Busch Light Ice Shanty will be available to guests of The Red Door Resort for rental through the end of this ice season and all of NEXT ice fishing season. 

If you’re interested in renting it, hurry up and book! We’ll only have 17 days left this season before all shacks, including the coolest Ice Shanty this side of St. Louis, must be off the ice. One important note: once The Red Door Resort starts renting it, the folks at Busch Beer will no longer be stocking the fridge. Bummer. But… you do still have a choice: BYOB or pay us to stock it and we’ll make sure it’s packed tight with Busch Light!

Our friends at Thrillist and Whiskey Riff are also excited about this contest so give them a visit! After all, we’re all on this ice-fishing-is-a-way-of-life-and-Busch-Light-should-be-your-beer-of-choice ride together. 

So get excited! Whether you tweet or post or insta… or whatever social media channels you might use… get online and submit your Busch Light logo pics. Nothing in the rules indicates that the more creative your pics, the better chance you might have to win – BUT, there’s also nothing that says creativity will harm your chances. So go nuts! Have fun! And may the best Busch Light drinker win! 

We’ll see you at The Red Door Resort.



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