Spring Break on Mille Lacs? You Betcha!

The last year has been unlike any other in our lifetimes. It’s more than just the sports stadiums and arenas being empty for games, more than just restaurants being at 25%, and more than needing a reservation at the DMV just to renew your license. It really is.

Think about it:

Let’s face it, no matter what your “normal Spring Break tradition,” things have changed. You can’t go ice fishing in Canada, you shouldn’t sit on the beaches of Mexico, and even your tried-and-true favorite – Lake Mille Lacs – is required to remove permanent ice fishing shelters from the lake (just ask the Minnesota DNR) by March 1. So… what, if anything, can you do for Spring Break? Rest assured, the Red Door Resort has your spring break back. Without further ado, here are 5 things you can do on your family spring break getaway on Lake Mille Lacs!

Five Reasons to Break Your Spring at The Red Door Resort

  1.  Broomball, Pond hockey and more!

    When is the last time you and your friends & family had a good ol’ fashioned pond hockey tournament? Oh, you don’t ice skate? What about a broomball tournament? If you’re thinking you need huge numbers, you really don’t! Just like sand volleyball, our favorite broomball is played 2-on-2. Pond hockey’s perfect number is 3-on-3. Seriously, what are you waiting for? Get 1-2 families – or a good group of friends – and have the time of your lives on Lake Mille Lacs – a family spring vacation you’ll never forget!

  2.  Endless Snowmobiling Trails

    If you’re not sure what to do on Lake Mille Lacs in March, you don’t know Minnesota – and that’s OK, because we’d like to show you. Sure, the DNR shuts down the ice houses, but did you know March is one of our snowiest months? Snowmobiling trails in Minnesota are insane this time of year. When it comes to snowmobile trails Milles Lacs, you won’t find a resort closer to the best trails in Central Minnesota. Check out Wealthwood State Forest, for example.

  3.  A Zillion Hiking Trails

    Do you like to hike? We do too. Here’s the thing: our ice fisherman and fisherwomen always tell their families, “don’t worry, there’s lots for you to do, too!” But when the thermometer reads zero, no one wants to do anything outside of a propane-heated ice shack. But in March? Fuhgeddaboudit! The state park is open, as are about a zillion trails within a half-hour drive. If you haven’t seen central Minnesota in late-winter/early-spring, you can’t imagine what you’re missing. In terms of beauty, think of an icicle version of the fall’s foliage. It’s nuts. Seriously.

  4.  Ice Bonfires

    Have you ever had an on-ice bonfire? Imagine a 30-degree night, a big on-ice bonfire, marshmallows and smores, and perhaps (if you want), a little cocktail of your choice. The majesty of this time of year is that you can inhale the fresh air, listen to the crackling wood, and watch the roaring flames dance – all on a relatively balmy evening, perhaps even while snuggled in a sleeping bag with your sweetie. The experience can refresh you more than in any spa you could ever book. Ever cook fresh morning eggs over a fire ON THE ICE? It’s life-altering and will bring you back year after year.

  5.  Secluded cozy Cabins

    Not every kid wants to get outside and explore, play broomball, and have on-ice bonfires. Hey, if you’re like us, you’ve got at least one kid who likes to lay around and read, do crosswords, and listen to their iPod. That’s OK… go ahead and ask him/her this: would you rather spring break at home or in a quaint cabin on Lake Mill Lacs? Let them conjure images of Hemingway and Faulkner by the fire, (tobacco) pipe in hand, writing stories for generations to come. The point is that a weekend in a secluded getaway cabin is just what a lot of aspiring young artists want. Why not give them a chance?

Make Your Reservation Now!

There you have it: a bunch of spring break staycation ideas MN! If you didn’t find a good reason herein to break your spring on Lake Mille Lacs, perhaps we’re not the resort for you. But c’mon… our Minnesota spring break activities are second-to-none. We ARE the resort for you. Come and find out why!



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