Ice & Fishing Report

Our whole team was on the ice today plowing, checking ice depths, staking roads etc.   Our road system now has 12-14″ of ice.   Checking many areas off-road, we found an area with as little as 9.5″ of ice and an area of 16″ of ice.    We are opening our access to 1/2 ton trucks, cars, and ATV’s for the weekend.  Stay near our road system to ensure safety.  Anyone wishing to pull out a wheelhouse can do so with an ATV but we will not allow trucks pulling wheelhouses until next week.   Being that are dropping to -20 this weekend, we are concerned that the brittle ice may expose or reopen one of the cracks so we will remain cautious.   We have our 12′ X 20′ bridge spanning the one pressure crack which is healing up well.   The bridge is plenty wide for atv’s pulling wide trailers.   We have staked roads to the Weimer, Bombeck, and Pantry flats, a road to north Resort flat, and our main road extends all the way to the south tip of the Resort flat down by the Fletcher, Bitcher and Backer flats.

Fishing reports have been picking up and the night bite is coming alive.  Glow Orange and Green remain the best colors.   Many Jumbo perch have been caught on the north end as well as many year classes of walleye.     We will be pulling out our rentals mid weekend and proceeding to pull our Member houses starting Sunday/Monday.    Stay warm, stay safe, and have a great New Years!!!



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