Ice & Fishing Report

ATV/Snowmobile’s welcome. (No sideXside’s/UTV’s yet).  Checked ice in numerous areas and found a consistent 7-8″ of ice.   We worked half way out to the Weimer and Bombeck flats and found thinner ice (6-6.5″) so we will wait another week to access the flats.  We highly recommend accessing the breaks only at this time and staying in the areas we have checked.   There is one pressure ridge out front which we have put an aluminum ramp across for foot traffic and ATV’s marked with orange cones; snowmobiles can cross beside it.  Each side of the pressure ridge can have thin ice so cross at our marked area.   Access/Parking pass is $10 per day per vehicle; stop in at the office or use the after-hours dropbox.   Use extreme caution this time of year; ice can be thinner in some areas unchecked; move slowly and carefully and use discernment to be safe.   A few pointers:

  • Do not park multiple ATV’s & Snowmobiles close to each other on the ice.
  • Do not travel alongside the pressure ridge as the ice is most dangerous there.
  • Stay within the recommended areas to remain safe.
  • Do not travel out onto the ice at night if you are not familiar with the area.
  • Cross only at our designated and marked bridge area.
  • Floatation gear is recommended for early ice.
  • Access at your own risk; think smart, be cautious, and stay safe.

Received some good reports off the first break transition from 16-21 fow.  Limit is 1 fish 20-22″ or 1 over 28″.  Cafe is only open for beverages and pizza this weekend and will fully open next weekend.   We look forward to seeing everyone soon.



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