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Ice & Fishing Report

Not much has changed since our last report as the weather has been above freezing daily. We have gained a little ice but due to the 10-15 degree nights and 40 plus degree days, there is a lot of expanding and contracting of the ice which leads to many small pressure cracks on the ice. There is one pressure crack that converges out past our access through the rough ice which we have marked with cones and at present, the pressure cracks are stable and sound, that doesn’t mean it can’t change. Be sure to access the ice “at your own risk” and be sure to wear flotation gear etc. to ensure your safety, it is still very early ice. Our access is open to ATV’s, UTV’s and Snowmobiles as well as walk-out traffic but we will not be allowing wheelhouses behind ATV’s or small vehicles yet until the weather stabilizes and the pressure cracks heal. We recommend not venturing out onto the ice until sunrise to get a proper view of the ice and any changes that occur. Received many pics this weekend from customers enjoying the great weather and fishing. The sunshine and lack of snow cover made the day bite more difficult but sunset proved to turn on a very aggressive bite. We will be venturing out towards the flats mid week to see what gains we have achieved and report back soon. Stay tuned…



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