Mille Lacs Lake Ice Highway

Mille Lacs Ice Report 2/10/2022

Open to Full Traffic and the Bite has Improved

The Red Door Resort access remains open to full traffic.  Seasonal Members and weekend guests will be able to access the sand breaks and well as the following mud flats: Weimer, Bomback, Pantry, Resort, Matton, Purity, Fletcher, Bitcher, Eileen’s and Backer.  The current ice road map is the feature image for this post and – weather permitting – the Ice Team will be on the lake offering complimentary custom wheelhouse slots on a first come, first served basis.  Please stop in at the office when you arrive to pay for your road pass and to be placed on the list for a spot.


It rained yesterday which further compressed the snow on Mille Lacs.  (Off road travel as of earlier today was much more feasible.)  The Winter Weather Advisory currently in effect for the area is predicted to deliver another 2-5 inches of the white stuff coupled with strong 30-40 wind gusts until Saturday morning.  Temperatures will start around 32 degrees this evening and then steadily drop to a low in the negative mid-teens by 6am on Saturday morning.  Saturday and Sunday temperature highs are likely to be in the single digits. 

The winds on Friday may cause white out conditions and driveways to drift shut.  Please come prepared with plenty of supplies to sit tight once a place is found to set down.  As long as it’s daylight and visibility is decent, the Ice Team will be on the lake to assist as necessary.

Fishing Report

The bite on the north side of Mille Lacs has been challenging this ice season, but has picked up slightly over the past week.  Seasonal Members and Guests have indicated that the catch rate improved last weekend and during this week.  A few keepers were even reported out of the Red Door fish house rentals.  The best fishing location has been challenging to pinpoint with seemingly equal success on the breaks and flats. 


  • Please drive slow – 10 mph or less – on the roads.  Any guest caught speeding will be escorted off the lake
  • Be sure to block your wheelhouse up at least 6” off the ice.  The 20 plus inches of snow is heavy and can cause flooding 
  • Remember that big – 20 degree plus – temperature swings can cause heaving or cracks at the access or out on the lake.  Please keep your eyes open and report any ice anomalies to the office
  • Avoid driving at night and during white out conditions to avoid getting stuck or needing assistance at a time when the ice team may not be available to help


We look forward to seeing you on the north side of Mille Lacs!



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