Red Door Resort Early Ice

Mille Lacs Ice Report 12/9/21

3-4" of Ice on the North Side of Mille Lacs

With the cold temperatures earlier this week, the lake appeared to have frozen fully out front our access Tuesday morning.  The Red Door Ice Team was out this (Thursday) afternoon checking the newly formed ice and found fairly consistent 3″ to 4″ of nice clear black ice covering the first and second breaks and beyond.  With a few sizeable areas of 3″ ice out from the access, the Red Door is erring on the side of caution and the access will remained closed this weekend.  Though we don’t like the warm temperatures currently forecasted for the first half of next week, we are optimistic that our access will open to at least walk-on traffic prior to next weekend.

We are excited that the lake is frozen over as far as the eye can see and look forward to the 2021-22 hard water season.  If you venture out of another Mille Lacs access this weekend, be safe out there and remember that early ice can present challenges.



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