Open Water on Mille Lacs Lake

Mille Lacs Ice Report 12/1/21

Open Water On Mille Lacs

With the unseasonably warm weather, Mille Lacs is still open on the north side of the lake.  Water temperatures are low enough for ice to form and it has only to melt or be blown away.  Some shore crust remains but we are currently waiting for colder temperatures, which look like they could arrive early next week.  Keep your fingers crossed for a Mille Lacs freeze over.  We will keep you posted on progress.



If you would like to review how things progressed last December, here is a quick summary with links to prior year Ice Reports:

12/5/20 – Ice came and went.  Mille Lacs was still open water (Full Report Here)

12/11/20 – The access and area out to the second break had approximately 0.75″ of rough ice (Report Here)

12/15/20 – Access remained closed to walk out traffic.  The first 500′ to 700′ off the Red Door access had 5″-7″ of good ice.  Further out an ice sheet broke off and ice depths were about 1.5″ (Report Here)

12/17/20 – The Red Door Access opened for walk out traffic to the second break (Report Here)

12/19/20 – Ice sheets were moving around.  Access remained open north of the crack (Report Here)

12/24/20 – The shore ice sheet blew away and the access was closed (Report Here)

12/27/20 – Reopened to walk out traffic (Report Here)

12/31/20 – Snowmobiles and ATVs allowed out of the access (Report Here)




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