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Ice and Fishing Report

We are officially out to the mud. We have 15″ – 16” of ice around the Weimer and Bombeck flats and are allowing gas trucks and single axle or 21 or smaller dual axle wheelhouses. We have also just finished plowing roads to the Pantry and North Resort flat and are finding 14-15”. There are good areas to off road off our main roads but the banks are hard and easy to get stuck in so be cautious. Diesels and bigger tandems are welcome but we only recommend to the first and second breaks as we feel 17-18″ of ice is needed for those large rigs especially in the cold and dangerous -20’s we have this weekend. Ice is very brittle and susceptible to cracking so staying below 10MPH and 5MPH near shore is required; anyone found speeding will be asked to leave immediately. Night bite has been more successful and dead sticking with a minimal presentation or jigging lightly has been key to success. Keep your batteries charged, propane full, and generators out of the wind this weekend as it will remain terribly cold. With wind chill, we may get close to -40 which can freeze up regulators and stop propane from flowing so bring back up heaters and stay safe!



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