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Due to the hard work of our ice team, we managed to get a number of houses out today.  The houses pulled so far are: 28, 128, 22, 90, 39, 148, 119, 81, 177, 55, 26, 54, 165, 78, 63, 197, 62, 29, 121, 173, 150, 211, 45, 99, 218, 193.    The crack in our road has healed well and the access is in great shape as we limited access this past weekend.   We would have been able to get a dozen more pulled today except two of our trucks were damaged today by a house that was frozen to the ground and not broke free; any house frozen-in will not be pulled and will go to the end of the scheduled pull list.   It is imperative that those that wish to be pulled have their house ready and prepared.   We will resume pulling early tomorrow morning and hope to wrap up on Wednesday/Thursday.  Thanks for everyone’s patience!!!



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