Red Door Ice and Fishing Report

This last weekend as a tough one.   The bite was slow though the graph’s showed a lot of action.   We had a great group of people up this weekend but unfortunately didn’t get much time to visit as our whole team was working diligently to move bridges, keep the roads open and keep everyone safe.  The fish that were caught were very thick and healthy.   The DNR stated that there was a large yellow perch hatch and that seems to be keeping the walleye well fed.   Of the hundreds of people fishing this weekend, very few reports stated any more than a handful of fish caught and we are predicting that the warmer weather/pressure change will help turn on the bite.   Some of our rentals did well and just 50′ away, some had much less luck.  Be sure to change up your presentation and keep your bait fresh.   What we have seen is many Jumbo Perch, Tullibee and Eel Pout which has been a surprise for us.  Our roads are open to gas trucks and single axle wheelhouses.   Ice reports show 14-16″ of ice in most areas though we have found areas of 11-12″ of ice in some “off road” areas so stick to our road system to stay safe.   Thanks to everyone that chose the Red Door and stay tuned for more reports……..




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