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Open Water Fishing is Back: Minnesota Lake Resorts

Days are finally getting longer and the ice is almost gone, so it’s time to gear up for another season of open water fishing on Lake Mille Lacs! We finally made it through the winter and Minnesota lake resorts have pulled in the ice houses and are tuning up the boats once more. Whether you are aiming to set out for the MN walleye season or are simply looking to enjoy long days on the water, the season of casting out into the waves is back and we couldn’t be more excited about it.

Get Your Gear Ready

Minnesota lake resortsFirst thing first, get the dust off your gear and make sure that tackle box is stocked with everything you need. When getting ready for another season of fishing, it’s important to make sure your lines are strong, those lures you lost in the weeds last year are replaced, and everything is in good working order. There’s nothing worse than finally getting out on the boat at one of your favorite Minnesota lake resorts to discover your lines are frayed and your favorite lures are missing. 

Another thing you will want to make sure you check up on is the MN fishing regulations. They can change from year to year, so it’s important to know what updates were made. With that being said, be sure your fishing license is current, too. If you get caught with an expired license, a great day can turn sour in a hurry. So, check all the boxes to ensure you can enjoy the season to its fullest. 

Heading Out For Opener

Minnesota lake resortsMay is the month that kicks off seasons for many of the species of fish for Mille Lacs lake fishing. The MN walleye season is one that you will want to check the MN DNR site on as things have been changing for limits and when harvest seasons are. Make sure you keep updated on night closures as well. Most of the summer will have no fishing allowed from 10pm – 6am. The bait regulations vary by lake and are often changed year to year depending on how the lake’s ecosystem is doing. If you plan on heading out to Lake Mille Lacs, double check what bait is allowed. Especially if you are thinking of using live baits. It’s better to know and be prepared rather than get stopped by the DNR and run into an avoidable problem. Take a look at this year’s fishing regulations to stay on top of what’s changed.

Discover Mille Lacs Lake Fishing! 

Fishing out on the open water with the early morning sun cresting the horizon and your line in the water is an experience all of us love on Lake Mille Lacs. Whether you just stay for the weekend, grab a midweek stay, or retreat for the entire week, The Red Door Resort is one of the best Minnesota lake resorts to get the most out of a Mille Lacs lake fishing adventure. If you can’t make it for the opener but want to know what’s happening on the water, follow along with MinnesotaBound as they film the whole thing! You can find footage of all the action on their website or by following their Instagram. Don’t miss a beat this spring. The sun is out and we are ready to rock and roll! 



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