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Ice Fishing on Lake Mille Lacs with The Red Door Resort

When the leaves begin to change and hot summer days turn to cool autumn nights, winter begins to fill the forefront of Minnesotan’s minds. In the land of ten thousand lakes, it’s easy to see just why anglers can’t wait for the ice fishing season to begin. Days of hanging out on the ice with your best fishing friends, reeling in exciting catches, and soaking in the best of the winter season. Discover just why so many fishing fanatics are chomping at the bit to head out for ice fishing on Lake Mille Lacs through The Red Door Resort’s access!

Mille Lacs Ice Conditions

Red doorLake Mille Lacs is easily a crowd favorite for ice fishing enthusiasts from across the region. Located in some of Minnesota’s most beautiful landscapes, you will find yourself surrounded by wilderness, lakefront views, and waters teeming with fish that are sure to get you excited for getting up each morning and dropping your line into the water, or waking up overnight to the sounds of a rattle reel. Ice conditions tend to be perfect for the majority of the winter with early ice in December and drive out traffic allowed in January and February. Lake Mille Lacs is known for having a full cover of ice, reaching shore to shore with an average of 2-3 feet of ice by mid-season. With an expanse of roughly 200 square miles of surface area and a range of depths and underwater habitats, you will be able to find the perfect honey holes to catch your fill without rubbing elbows with your neighbors. Find yourself in an angler’s winter wonderland when you head out from The Red Door Resort to your fishing spot and settle in for an adventure you won’t forget. 

What’s on Your Line?

Red doorOne of the main reasons so many anglers set their sights on locating their ice fishing houses on Lake Mille Lacs is the plethora of fish inhabiting the waters. Though walleye tend to be the star of the show, you will also find abundant northern pike, muskie, both large and smallmouth bass, perch, tullibee and even the occasional burbot. There are plenty of lake breaks, mud flats, gravel bottoms, rock piles, and other areas where your favorite fish hang out. Whether you prefer to stay closer to land or enjoy venturing out further, just follow our ice roads (you can view a detailed map of last year’s 12+ miles of The Red Door Resort Ice Roads on our website) and post up to drill where your targeted catches will likely be waiting. Be sure to check in with the MN fishing regulations and Mille Lacs ice report by visiting sites like the MN DNR and Lake Mille Lacs commerce site to keep up with any updates – that way, you won’t miss a beat and are ready for a carefree trip. 

Unforgettable Ice Fishing

Whether you are an avid angler or are just starting out, you will find Mille Lacs extremely welcoming! In fact, the proximity of the Red Door to the famed Mille Lacs mud flats – where the significant changes in depth attract every type of fish – practically guarantee a spectacular fishing experience for all skill levels. 

From ice fishing house rentals and cozy accommodations at the resort to finding your way across the ice with our ice map, we are always ready to help you plan your perfect excursion. Oh, and we also offer ice house parks where you can store your ice house in the off-season – and even use it as your “cabin” when fishing Mille Lacs in the summer! When you stay with The Red Door Resort, you will have easy access to the ice, choice of cabin stays and ice fishing house rentals, and amenities like The Red Door Cafe. We are also located nearby an array of area activities like hiking trails, snowmobile trails, and Grand Casino Mille Lacs. There’s something for everyone when you plan your ice fishing adventure with The Red Door Resort. So, pack up your fishing gear and start planning your winter getaway to one of the best ice fishing lakes that Minnesota has to offer! 


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