Fishing Report

The first weekend with our rentals on the ice and the reports were great.   We had one group stay in two of our ice houses that caught over 100 walleye this weekend@!!!    Bite is good on the flats as well as the breaks and a number of tullibee, northerns and eel pout’s were also caught.   Ice is improving daily and we will be measuring ice in the next two days in anticipation of getting out light trucks and single axel wheelhouses.    Aside from bridging our access, we have no issues around the flats on the north end and the ice is good and consistent.

Our access is now open to 1/2 ton trucks and single axel wheelhouses.   With the ups and downs in the weather the week, we expect to have to make some adjustments to our shoreline bridge so we ask that everyone be cautious when pulling a wheelhouse on the ice.   10 MPH MAXIMUM!!!

We pulled houses 189, 167, 105, 196, 54, 233, 146, 155.    We have a few houses still to heavy to pull and a number of houses #159, 98, 142, 173, 63, 171, and 111 that need repairs before they are pulled.    Our guys will be working on blocking and banking today.   We look forward to a great upcoming weekend.


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