best fishing vacations in the US

Best Fishing Vacations in the US: Lake Mille Lacs

In the land of 10,000 lakes, it’s no surprise that Minnesota is known for its incredible fishing opportunities. One destination that you will find the perfect combination of family outings and the best fishing vacations in the US is on Lake Mille Lacs. Located in Northern Minnesota, this lake is a popular destination for families and anglers alike. Mille Lacs is one of the state’s largest lakes and has roughly 132,000 acres of water to fish and explore! 

Mille Lacs Fishing

best fishing vacations in the USLake Mille Lacs has an abundance of fish that range in size and species that are nothing short of a blast to reel in. The most popular fish are, of course, walleye, but there are also smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, tullibee, northern pike, muskie, crappy, perch, and even eelpout. Whether you are just looking for something fun to do with the family or want to try your hand at pulling in a few trophy catches, Mille Lacs is the place to be! Guided services and boat rentals are available, or you can bring your own boat to explore and fish to your heart’s content. Lake Mille Lacs is ranked among the best fishing vacations in the US for a variety of reasons. The views, the surrounding communities, the resorts, and the fish all play a part in creating such a prime destination. Bassmaster Magazine has even ranked Lake Mille Lacs as #1 in the country for smallmouth bass. 

For the Family

When looking for the best fishing vacations in the US that you can take the whole family on, Mille Lacs is definitely the place to be. We all know that kids can be a bit impatient and most won’t last several days on a boat waiting for a bite. Luckily, Minnesota fishing resorts on Lake Mille Lacs are surrounded by a wide breadth of things to do with the kids that you will also enjoy. Spend the morning on the water and then see what else the area has to offer while the bites slow down. All around Mille Lacs, you can find hundreds of ATV and UTV trails like the Soo Line Trail and rentals in the area to take the kids for a fun ride through some of Minnesota’s most beautiful countryside and forestry. Take a hike through the state parks, make a splash at the beach, take a picture next to the giant walleye, grab a bite to eat at The Red Door Cafe, hit the playground, and more! Cabin life on the water doesn’t get much better than fishing vacations in the US

Finding the Best Minnesota Fishing Resorts on Mille Lacs

It seems pretty obvious as to why Lake Mille Lacs could easily be considered to be a top destination among the best fishing vacations in the US. So, you have your destination set, but where do you stay while you’re here? That’s the easy part, because The Red Door Resort is the place to be. Cabin-style stays or our parks offer plenty of lodging options with plenty of amenities on-site and easy access to the water for prime fishing right outside your door. We’re a hop and a skip from all sorts of activities, so you can fish and play all you want while you are here! Visit our website for more details on fishing seasons and species, special offers, and other area attractions. The fun never stops when your on Lake Mille Lacs! 



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