Lake Mille Lacs Tullibee Tourney

$25 Registration Fee

includes dinner Free registration with two night stay at Red Door Resort.

Starts at Sunrise, weigh in by 4pm

Total bag weight of up to 5 Tullibee will be measured

Prize Monday




Fishing Tullibee for Money

Mille Lacs has plenty of Tullibee, so it’s high time we have a Tullibee tournament on our lake. And The Red Door Resort – the only major resort on the north shore of Mille Lacs and one of the lake’s most popular resorts for family and fishing – is excited to announce the inaugural Lake Mille Lacs Tullibee Ice Fishing Tourney!

Over time, this will become a can’t-miss late-winter ice fishing tournament. This is your chance to participate in the FIRST ANNUAL installment. Ten years from now, you’ll be bragging about being here from the beginning!

Tullibee: The Most Underrated Fish in the Lake

Mille Lacs is best known for world-class Walleye fishing during both the open water and ice fishing seasons. But the big pond in northern Minnesota also has a well-kept secret: some of Minnesota’s very best Tullibee fishing. This begs an important question: what are Tullibee?

The Tullibee, also known as Northern Cisco, is a silvery fish with grayish fins. It is one of the most prevalent whitefish species in Minnesota. They commonly live in the deep, cold lakes of the north, as well as in the Great Lakes. Tullibee are best fished in the winter, particularly in and around mudflats. In terms of taste, it’s often said that a smoked tullibee simply can’t be beat.

Fishing Tullibee for Money

Register online by filling out this registration form.

If you’re an avid angler (or just any average Minnesotan), you already know that Walleye season ends in late February (2/27 in 2022). You ALSO know that there’s still plenty of ice fishing season left in March and that folks aren’t ready to just pack it in until the open water opener in May. After all, the world doesn’t stop just because we can’t fish for Walleye! You may also know that fish houses and portables must be off Mille Lacs by midnight on March 7th. People grumble every year that the date is too early, but the DNR wants to keep us all safe. Here’s the thing: a Tullibee tourney on March 5 means you can still be in a house! Like we said: early March – after Walleye season but before houses must be off the ice – is literally the sweet spot for this tourney!

Stay onshore at The Red Door Resort for the weekend (two-night minimum), your tournament registration fee – and of course the Saturday night dinner – are included in your stay. And don’t worry, we aren’t jacking our rates for that weekend – that’s not who we are.

If the Participant makes a two night reservation at the Red Door Resort for the weekend of Friday, March 4th to Sunday, March 6th, the Registration Fee is included in the stay. A motel reservation includes one (1) Registration Fee, a two bedroom cabin includes two (2) Registration Fees, a three bedroom cabin includes three (3) Registration Fees and the motel suite includes four (4) Registration Fees. The Registration Fee also includes dinner on Saturday night.

Ha! Nothing to worry about. If your first hole in the ice isn’t producing, you can (and should) move around – this is the perfect time of year to be mobile on the ice. Even if you start in a house, you don’t need to stay! You can fish off The Red Door Resort’s meticulously maintained ice roads OR… bring a snowmobile, ATV, or side-by-side and travel further afield without the limitations of a car or truck.

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