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Top 4 Minnesota Outdoor Activities for the Adventurer: Lake Mille Lacs

Are you an adventurous person looking for your next exciting experience? Check out these top 4 Minnesota outdoor activities that are sure to get your heart pumping and scratch that adventure itch! The Red Door Resort in Mille Lacs has a list of the best things to do around here for those looking for a unique adventure in the upper midwest. 

Mountain Biking

Grab your riding gear and head to Lake Mille Lacs for a mountain biking adventure that has everything from beginner to advanced trail systems for all levels of experience. If you are looking for a relaxing cruise, there are miles of paved trails that offer scenic views and run along the edge of waterways like the Rum River. For a more challenging and upbeat adventure, there are several fantastic trail options that wind through over 200 acres of forestry with scattered obstacles. You can spend the entire day on the trails and ride through some of the most beautiful lake country Minnesota has to offer. 

Minnesota outdoor activitiesATV and UTV Trail Riding

If horsepower is more your style, load up the atv or utv and head out for a day of trails. Ride for miles on the south side of the lake on the Soo Line trail and check out the various connected loops that offer more of that off-road experience. There are also hundreds of miles of trails that can be accessed from just a short 15 minute jaunt from The Red Door Resort. Whether you are looking for a muddy trail to test your driving skills or want to cruise along a more mild path, you will find it all here. Download a trail map app like Polaris Ride Command, pick your route, and have some fun! Riding the trails is one of the best Minnesota outdoor activities for getting out on four wheels. 

Mille Lacs Fishing

Minnesota outdoor activitiesBeing located on one of the best fishing lakes in Minnesota, it’s no mystery as to why fishing is such a popular thing to do around here. Some might argue that it’s the best of all Minnesota outdoor activities. With a wide variety of fish and a lake that offers several different terrains like mudflats, rocky drop-offs, sandy bottoms, and more. Anglers can spend all day on the water and test out different spots to target multiple different fish in one outing. Find everything from walleye and smallmouth bass to panfish and northern pike. A day spent on the waters of Lake Mille Lacs is never wasted. 


Minnesota outdoor activitiesThe midwest might not be the first place you think of when you think about surfing, but Lake Mille Lacs is home to some of the best waters for kitesurfing. Glide over the waves with plenty of elbow room to cruise around care-free with the wind guiding you along. Sandy bottoms and a variety of wave levels create the perfect conditions for setting sail. Venture over to Father Hennepin to find larger swells or find a calmer spot to scoot over the surface. You’ll get a great workout without even realizing it and get to see all of the most beautiful areas of the lake along the way. When on Mille Lacs, kitesurfing is one of the best outdoor activities in Minnesota for the adventurous spirit. 

Finding Minnesota Outdoor Activities

When it comes to finding things to do in Minnesota, you never have to look too far. We may be known for our snowy winters, but in the summer we have an abundance of incredible opportunities. The land of 10,000 lakes lives up to its name with the never ending lake and surrounding outdoor activities. When you stay with Minnesota lake resorts like The Red Door Resort, you will have all of these activities and more right outside your door. Adventure awaits! 



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