Mille Lacs Lake Ice Report 1/23/2021

Red Door Access Open to Light Vehicle and Wheelhouse Traffic

After opening to guests and seasonal members yesterday (Friday) afternoon, the Red Door access now open for up to half ton vehicles with wheelhouse and lighter traffic (i.e., walk-on, snowmobile, ATV, and side by side).

We have one bridge on the lake right at the access and one road detour approximately 3/4 mile from shore.  Otherwise, the ice is currently in the best shape we’ve seen so far this season.

Flats currently accessible via the Red Door ice roads are Weimer, Bomback, Pantry, Fletcher, Bitcher, Eileen’s, Backer and Resort.  The Ice Team will continue to expand the road system as they continue working on pulling seasonal member skid houses.

Check in with the office before heading out on the lake and we look forward to seeing you soon!

Map of Current Red Door Resort Ice Roads



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