Freshly Plowed Mille Lacs Ice Roads

Mille Lacs Ice Report 2/24/21

Full Traffic for the Final Hard Water Weekend on Lake Mille Lacs

The Red Door Resort access is open to full traffic for the last weekend of the hard water season.  The roads are in good shape (see below for the most recent Ice Road Map) and we hope to see you this weekend.  As a reminder, walleye fishing on Lake Mille Lacs closes on Sunday, February 28th and all permanent shelters need to be off the lake by midnight on Monday, March 1st.

The Resort received a few inches of heavy snow this week.  The snow has been cleared but be aware that the weight on the ice is creating some cracking / bleeding near many of the banks and houses are more prone to flooding (block ’em up high!).  Temperatures have been warm with a high of 37 degrees on Tuesday and highs just above freezing for the following few days.  The wind is also expected to blow strongly – gusting up to 39mph – out of the south on Friday before calming significantly on Saturday.  The weekend fishing weather should be quite pleasant.

After a really slow bite during two weekends of negative 30 degree temperatures, the fishing improved slightly last weekend but still isn’t fantastic, especially for walleyes.  The tullibee bite is a bright spot and has really picked up.  Tullibee fishing has been reported to be most successful in depths of 32-35′ out on the flats. 

The Red Door Ice roads run along the first and second break lines and reach the following flats:  Wiemer, Bomback, Pantry, Resort (north and south), Matton, Phil’s, Fishhouse, Eileen’s, 8-Mile, and Backer.  The road to Fletcher and Bitcher was abandoned due to the amount of water on those flats mid-week.

Lake Mille Lacs Ice Roads



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