View of Mille Lacs Lake Ice

Red Door Ice Report 12/15/2020

Ice Not Ready Yet

The Red Door access remains closed to walk out traffic.  The ice team will re-evaluate on Friday morning, deciding then if walk out traffic will be allowed for the weekend.

Tuesday afternoon the Ice Team drilled holes and found good ice, measuring 5″-7″ up to 500′ to 700′ off the Red Door access.  However, there is stark break line thereafter where, earlier in the week, the sheet of ice broke off and was blown east, leaving open water.  With the cold weather, that area has refrozen (no open water was observed today), but is still very thin, likely about 1.5″ currently.


The Red Door Ice Team testing ice depth on the other side of the break line.

Bumpy surface ice on Mille Lacs
Five inches of clear ice



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