Ice Road Out of Red Door Resort Access on Lake Mille Lacs

Mille Lacs Ice Report 1/7/2021

Red Door Access Is Open to Walk-On, Snowmobile, ATV and Side by Side Traffic

The Red Door access is open to walk-on, snowmobile, ATV and side by side traffic for the weekend.  Small wheelhouses will be allowed to be towed onto the lake with an ATV or UTV; the Red Door will also offer tow service for an additional fee.  Please call the resort (218-678-3686) to have your small wheelhouse approved for tow out.

The Ice Team has a road plowed out to the north side of Weimer and Bomback flats.  The road is further staked as far south as Pantry flat.  Do connect with the office before heading out onto the lake we have had an active crack that has required an ATV bridge earlier in the week.

The ice continues to improve.  However, with the warmer weather and snow from las week, things haven’t progressed as quickly as we would have liked.  The first 4/10ths of a mile out of the access continues to be the most challenging.  When the Ice Team checked depths along our plowed road they found a few of spots with 8” of ice.  (This are had 11-12” of ice before that ice sheet separated from shore and blew away right before Christmas.)  The ice sampling on the flats consistently yielded 11” or more or ice.


Red Door Ice Road to Weimer and Bomback Flat



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