Lake Mille Lacs Ice Road

Mille Lacs Ice Report 1/6/2022

Buy a Season pass, Rent a Fish House or Lease a Seasonal Site to Drive on the Lake

Things are active at the resort and the hard water season is starting to get underway.  The Red Door Resort access is currently open to walk-on, snowmobile, ATV and side by side traffic.

Rentals, Seasonal Member and Season Pass Holder Weekend

Weekend vehicle traffic is going to be restricted to our overnight guests (including fish house rentals), seasonal members, and season pass holders.  Starting at 2pm on Friday, Members with wheelhouses will be able pull their single axle houses onto the lake with a vehicle (1/2 ton truck or lighter).  Guests with fish house rentals and members will also be able to drive one vehicle (again 1/2 ton truck or lighter) to their house.

Red Door Fish House Rentals

We currently have a few fish house rentals available for this weekend.  As a reminder the fleet consists of 18 Fish House Rentals (i.e., 5 wheelhouses and 13 skid houses, including a new 16×24 10-person monster) and all the houses are now set up on the lake.  The houses are nice and ready for your family, friend group or corporate event.  If sleeping on the ice isn’t your thing, remember that the Red Door has 11 beautiful cabins, and 10 clean and cozy motel rooms.

Ice Roads

As the ice continues to build, the Ice Team is working diligently to expand the roads (both width and distance covered).  The road system currently spans the east and west 1st break and east 2nd break.    A crack earlier in the week has thus far prevented creation of a full west 2nd break road but fully establishing the road may occur yet this weekend.  The trunk road to the flats is not yet in as we are being extra cautious with some thinner ice spots.  The Ice Team is cautiously optimistic that the flats roads will be able to be created soon, with the hope that it will be ready for traffic next weekend.  In the meantime, a snowmobile is the ideal choice for getting to the flats.  ATVs and side by sides also work, we would simply recommend chains as the drifts can be sizable getting to and out on the mud.

Weather Outlook

With 16” of snow last week and 3” of snow this week, there is too much white stuff on the lake and it’s providing more insulation than we would like.  That said, it’s great to have the cold temperatures (i.e., double digit negative lows in four of five days).  Winds will be blowing on Saturday and Sunday with both days seeing gusts – out of the south and northwest respectively – in the mid-to-high 20 mph range.

As things continue to unfold, we will provide at least weekly updates.  We look forward to hosting you on North Side of Lake Mille Lacs!



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