Red Door Resort Ice Houses at Sunrise

Mille Lacs Ice Report 1/27/2022

Wide Roads Open to Full Traffic to the Sand Breaks and Mud Flats.

The Red Door Resort access continues to be open to full traffic for this coming weekend.  Seasonal Members and weekend guest will be able to access the sand breaks and well as the following mud flats: Weimer, Bomback, Pantry, Resort and Matton (see map below).

Plowed Wheelhouse Spots

Again, this weekend the ice team will be on the lake offering custom wheelhouse slots on a first come, first served basis.  Please stop in at the office when you arrive to pay for your road pass and to be placed on the list for a spot.  The resort is not charging for custom wheelhouse slots.  That said, guests will need to be patient when waiting to have a spot plowed and the Ice Team will not be plowing custom spots after 6pm on Friday evening (they will resume again at daylight on Saturday).  Please also remember that private plows will not be allowed through the access.

Weather and Future Expansion

Weather was quite cold this past week and the winds seemed relentless.  The wide main roads held up well but individual wheelhouse slots and skid house driveways frequently blew closed, necessitating frequent re-opening and significant focus from the ice team. 

Brisk winds during the week created white-out conditions at times and slowed plowing / road expansion efforts.  Starting next week and weather dictating speed of completion, the Ice Team still plans to open roads to Phil’s, Fishhouse, Eileen’s and Backer Flats.

Weather this weekend is expected to be relatively warm with highs in the low twenties and lows around zero.  The wind is expected to be calmer maxing out at 13mph with gust up to 20mph only expected for a few hours.  Overall is should be a pleasant few days on the big pond.

Fishing Report

The bite on the north side of Mille Lacs – much like on the rest of the lake – has been challenging this season.  Recent year perch hatches are likely a great thing for the lake, and for walleye feasting, but make fishing difficult.  That said, guests are still catching nice looking fish; the catch rate itself is down and the locations of success spread all over the place.  Fishing is reported to be equally successful on the breaks and flats. 

Fishing seems best 12-18″ off bottom (though don’t neglect other depths) with red, neon pink or orange hooks.  Shiners, fatheads, and small suckers have been the live bait of choice.  Jigging works to get fish interested but dead sticks are catching the most.  Mobility is key so if you have the availability to portable fish or bring some tip-ups, it’s highly recommended.


  • Please drive slow – 10 mph or less – on the roads.  Any guest caught speeding will be escorted off the lake.  
  • Be sure to block your wheelhouse up at least 6” off the ice.  The 20 plus inches of snow is heavy and can cause flooding 
  • Remember that big – 20 degree plus – temperature swings can cause heaving or cracks at the access or out on the lake.  Please keep your eyes open and report any ice anomalies to the office
  • Limit driving at night.  Visibility can be challenging in the dark and the significant snow on the lake increases the likelihood of getting stuck at a time when the ice team may not be available to help


As always, we look forward to seeing you on the north side of Mille Lacs!

Mille Lacs Lake North Side Ice Roads



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