Ice Roads on Lake Mille Lacs

Mille Lacs Ice Report 1/27/2021

Full Traffic This Weekend at the Red Door

The Red Door Access is now open to full traffic, including diesels and tandem axel wheelhouses.  That said, if you have alternative non-diesel transportation options, we would very much appreciate you using the lighter vehicle.  Ice conditions have been stable but the ice remains thinner than is typical this time of year.  As a result, driving slow will be mandatory.  The Ice Team will be strictly enforcing the 10 mile per hour speed limit with anyone exceeding asked to immediately depart.  We will also not be allowing any trucks with plows through our access (see below for rationale).

We will be spreading out traffic as vehicles access / depart from the lake and spacing out our pre-plowed wheelhouse slots.  The goal is to allow for adequate spacing on the roads and for fishing spots.  This spacing will likely slow down road travel.  We recommend planning accordingly, arriving before the Friday evening and departing after the Sunday morning rushes if possible

Please note that our trunk road to the flats was drilled today and showed 17″ of ice.  However, there are still pockets of thin, 9″-10″ ice off the main road closer to shore.  It is incredibly important that individuals not attempt to access the first or second break.  Any off road travel should be undertaken only on the flats (i.e., south of the northern tip of Weimer Flat or the 46° 20.600′ N parallel), and even then with caution as there are some sizeable snow drifts.  Do not attempt to make it though the high road banks – typically the south and eastern sides of the roads; some these banks are hiding slush / standing water.

Our current road map is the feature image for this post.  The roads current reach the following flats:  Wiemer, Bomback, Pantry, Resort (north and south), Fletcher, Bitcher, Fishhouse, Eileen’s, Backer, Phil’s, and Matton.  Tomorrow (Thursday) the Ice Team plans to open a road to the Northeast portion of 8-mile. 



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