Ice & Fishing Report

The warm weather over the past week has caused some challenges with the access.   Our access is still open to light trucks, cars or wheelers pulling small wheelhouses.    We look forward to the cooler temperatures freezing up the standing water on the ice and allowing the access to strengthen.    We hope to be able to open our access fully by this weekend to trucks and wheelhouses but will update later this week.

Fishing has slowed a little though more perch, tullibee and northern are being caught.   Numerous large walleye as well as slot fish are being caught and we are confident that Mille Lacs is still experiencing one of the best bites in the state.  We continue to have good success in our rental houses and receive good reports from certain areas but switching up your presentation and keeping fresh bait is key to success.   Barometric pressure looks consistent through the next weekend so we expect to see a very good bite.



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